Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tick Tock - Where Does the Time Go

I know, I know, I really need to stop taking these long breaks between posts. I have no excuses and take full responsibility for keeping you all in the dark; I realize my life is “that interesting”.

Quickly bring you up to date since my last post:

Elizabeth my oldest turned 7.
Amanda turned 3 (no more at home therapy services).
Me, I turned 36.
James feels left out and wants his b-day in April.
Alistair is 4 months and can only fit into 12 month clothing. He weighed in at 20 plus pounds. He can wear the same size diapers as Amanda now. BUY IN BULK$$$
Robin is done with her prerequisites and will be starting her PA (Physician Assistant) program in August.

Ladies and Gents and everyone in between, yesterday was a monumental day for us. Amanda attended her first day of school. I have pictures and video to prove it although I’m not sure when they’ll be posted. My wife Robin and I brought her because we had to meet with all her new therapists and teachers who were attempting to know everything about Amanda in one day that took us three years. To my surprise they did a great job. My wife and I weren’t quite sure who this day would be more difficult on, us or Amanda. It was clear the minute we stepped foot into the classroom; my wife and I were in for a tough day, our little girl was growing up. Amanda didn’t even turn back to look at us, you could tell that she was ready to learn and play. It was all smiles and giggles for Amanda. Her room is huge and is equipped with every toy and learning tool imaginable, but most importantly, the room is filled with love (ok, that’s a little corny, but true). There are seven kids in the classroom and 3-4 therapist/teachers/aids. Every kid gets the attention they need. Amanda wasn’t use to so much space to roam around in and took advantage of what was before her. She played, walked and climbed from 9am – 2:15pm all while having a huge smile that never left her face.

That’s all I have time for. I hope to be back soon.

I have been reading all the comments that have been left for me even though I haven't posted. I'm sorry.


Jessica said...

I was beginning to wonder what happened to you guys! Glad to see things are going so well!

Lori F said...

Wow, big step for Amanda & for you guys! I remember Evan's first day at school like it was yesterday. He graduates from high school on May 25th. Time really does fly & so many things are possible for our kids now. :) What a blessing that she has loving teachers to help her. Good to hear what's going on with you all.

Michelle said...

time does fly by! Amanda looks like such a big girl ready to head off to school! Glad to hear the transition wasn't too hard on her, I know it's harder on the parents though!

Wow he's only 4 months and up to 20 lbs already?! :)

Amy said...

Good to hear from you on my blog and your post. I am sure you run the equivalent of 5k every couple of hours with 3 kids! Hurray for Amanda! Joe has thrived in school and we have loved the therapies being outside of our home. She looks so grown up in the photo! School has been great for Joe, I bet she will just LOVE it.

jennifergg said...

So good to hear from you, thanks for the update. Yes, time does fly when you're busy living life!

Jeff said...


Sounds like it was an Awesome day.

Tracey said...

Wow! What a busy time for you guys! And it's amazing to see the changes that happen in a few short years... Congrats to Amanda for being such a big girl!

Amy said...

oops. Did I write 3 kids? How offensive of me---4 kids, make that a 10k!

Maryann said...

I was researching on the web and happened across your blog. I also have a 3 year old daughter with Down Syndrome. You have a beautiful family, and Amanda is absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing her with the world!

Sara said...

Hey nice to see a post :) You just turned 36...I just turned..45 :p I wish It was 36.... YAH AMANDA on her first day of school!!! Mike and I went through the same thing with Nathaniel ( well ok, I did ) We put him on the bus, then followed the bus to school..snuck around the school so he wouldn't see us :p He did great, I was a wreck :p

BStrong said...

Lori F: Congrats to you and Evan. I’m sure that May 25th will be a glorious day in your lives.

Michelle: He’s a big boy but so was James. Once he starts walking he’ll thin out. James is a stick.

Amy: You’re probably right, but if you make me aware of how much walking or running I’m doing I’ll probably cause myself to pass out.

Jennifergg: I guess I shouldn’t complain than.

Jeff: Dad to Dad, you know it.

Tracey: Thanks Tracey. Busy is good as long as it’s productive.

Amy: No Prob.

Maryann: Thank you. I’m going to com visit.

Sara: We’re just loony when it comes to our kids, aren’t we?

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

WTG AMANDA....what a big step ou made in your lfe!!!

20 lbs....what are you feeding that boy!!

WTG Robin good luck with school!


Mauzy said...

ah, I so remember the preschool days......enjoy!

amy flege said...

wow. i was wondering what happened to you!!. glad to hear amandas day went well for her and her mommy and daddy.

Kim Ayres said...

That's wierd. I was sure I'd commented, and I was just coming back to see if you'd replied.

Ah well...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Amanda!
Happy Birthday to Elizabeth!

Congratulations to Robin!

High Five to James, just to keep him involved!

And wow! Amanda at school? I was a wreck on Meg's 1st day. Give her a squeezy hug from me :)

Princess Morgan said...

20 lbs!!! What are you feeind that boy? hee hee! Wow! A big day for Amanda. So happy it wen to so well. We will be very sad when our day arrives. Hard to watch them grow up & become independent. Wish we could hold them forever. Good to hear form you. We've been waiting.....

BStrong said...

Dori – The boy is on 100% breast milk or as my wife calls it “liquid gold”

Mauzy – four kids, three in school now. Thank you Lord:)

Amy – I was beginning to wonder about me too. I found myself….again, and things are well.

Kim – Likely story. The ol’ “ I thought I did but didn’t routine”. Thanks for the Happies. Just another milestone reached that we can add to the list. This one was a bit difficult.

Princess- Sad, yes but in a good way. I look at my kids everyday and think “who would of thought”. Tremendous pride.

jotcr2 said...

Glad you liked the class. I have my ups and downs with where my daughter goes. Mostly they are excellent.