Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Visitors to My Blog

Every once in awhile I like to check my Site Meter and find out how readers have stumbled across my site. Most of the time it’s someone looking for information about Down Syndrome. Just recently someone did a Google search for “Can people with Down Syndrome Fall in Love” and since I had love and DS in the same sentence my site popped up for them. Now, I’m not writing this because of that search or even to answer that persons question; but real quick… Hell Yeah. I’m no specialist on DS, just a parent so I’ll go out on a short limb and say yes, people with DS can fall in love. Also, they are good house cleaners. Now that I have wood floors and my 2 year old butt scoots instead of walks at the moment, I tape a Swiffer onto her butt. Let me tell ya, my floors are clean enough to eat off of and if they need a good scrubbing I just put in one of her music cds.

Oh, please that was a joke people; it’s a music video not a cd.

Anyway, I initially started my blog because of my daughter Amanda; I thought the entire blog would be devoted to her. I wonder what people think when they find my blog and the last post discusses cats, South Park, or even the post entitled Very Funny…Ha Ha! Yes, a little while after Amanda was born I started my blog to discuss my feelings and all the other stuff that comes with DS, then a short time after that I figured out that my universe isn’t about having a child with DS, it’s just a part of it.

So, for those just looking to read my posts regarding Down Syndrome, please view the links on the sidebar under the heading "Down Syndrome Related Posts".



Michelle said...

I thought it was a funny joke; I laughed at it! :) Kayla likes to help clean too...when I vacum I give her the dustbuster, when I sweep w/the broom I give her the swifter, when I dust she gets a cloth too...I can only hope it continues!

I've had a few finds from google searches too that made me wonder what they were trying to find out.

BStrong said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the humor. I'm sure that someone will find this post offensive. Usually it's a reader that either doesn't have kids or has kids whom are typical and they have pity on us because of our "Special Needs Kids".


Kim Ayres said...

Clearly you need to buy, or make your own variation of this

BStrong said...

LOL, how do you find this stuff. I'm not sure that the product will make it to market because of the health issue to the child. Great Stuff.


Shannon said...

My daughter only rolls right now and she is great at picking up dog hair on her t-shirts.

Mrs. Mac said...

Having a good sense of humor is a must in any parents life! I stumbled on your blog via another parent's blog ... Joey's ... I have a 10 year old son with ds ... what a blessing.

lori said...

loraine here in Australia. Hello all. I just want to share the news of my 20 year old son who has DS has just gotten engaged to a lovely young lady who is 23 and also has DS. Matthew has house hold items such as white goods, lounge, kitchen table and chairs, quen bed, large tv, and cabinet and tall boy chest of drawers. He has been buying all this since he turned 16 as he was so sure he would marry. They plan to marry in 3 years and NO they will not be living with either set of parents. so just thought I would share the story on my Matthew.

Mei Jun (librarian from Singapore) said...

Hi, I'm Mei Jun a librarian from NLB. I found your blog useful and recommended it on our ASK! blog. You can view the entry here. Thank you and have a nice day!

Cheri said...

This post is funny to me because I found your blog because I googled something...can't even remembered what at the moment... but whatever it was brought people to my checked it out to see what came up besides mine and your blog popped up too. I am so glad it did because I am loving your blog. Your sense of humor cracks me up!...but I noticed you haven't posted in quite a long commenting to say...please keep writing! :) I popped over to your wife's blog as well and I believe I have found 2 new favorites! Your children are beautiful!

If you get a chance or feel inclined...I have a favor to ask...I posted something on my blog for brand new families that have just learned of their child's Down syndrome diagnosis... It is post #8 in my October: Down Syndrome Awareness Month category. My intent is to give new parents looking for information feedback as to what I wish I had known then...when my son was first diagnosed and am hoping for veteran parents, grandparents, give their feedback as well. It would be great to have a comment from a veteran dad for these families who are just started out on their journey. My blog is

Anonymous said...

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quix said...

Hi, to fill you in on how I found your blog, it was through looking for blogs involving people with DS. My younger sis has Mosaic DS and, since she's finishing high school soon, I was wondering about what other people with DS have done upon graduation. And if my sister ever cleaned the house when little it was the last time she did!

Skye said...

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Markus said...

I went out looking for DS blogs where people have a life besides DS and this was just what I wanted/needed to read. I have a 9 months old boy with DS and is thinking about taking up blogging myself.