Friday, May 04, 2007

When Is It Time?

My 7 year old daughter Elizabeth lost her third tooth and like the previous ones that were lost my wife and I told her to place it under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy. As usual, she was more than happy to accomodate; in our house teeth go for about $1-$2. Since this tooth was damaged do to a tumble a few months ago, it had to be pulled by the dentist which meant that this tooth was worth $2.

I love being the Tooth Fairy. Like before, my daughter goes to sleep with the tooth under her pillow. I sit at the computer typing a little note “from the Tooth Fairy” thanking Eli for her kind contribution to the construction of her new castle (what, you think the Tooth Fairy lives in a brick/stone castle?). I end the note with a “and for all the pain and suffering you had to endure, I’m leaving two dollars”.

My daughter buys into this hook line and sinker. Great right? Well, she went to school this time (1st grade) and told her friends that the TF gave her $2 instead of $1 because she had to get the tooth pulled. A couple of the girls tried to convince Eli that the TF was either her mom of dad, but my daughter stood up for the TF and didn’t want any parts of what they had to say.

When do you let your child in on the little secret so that she doesn’t look like a complete goofball?



Hi B Strong,

After reading your posts, I think you have being a good father to your sons and daughters. God bless you. Keep up the good work.

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Jessica said...

Geez, I can't remember when my parents gave in and told me. I know I was a little younger, but they still played the roll and put the money under my pillow just for fun (I was spoiled-lol!)

Sara said...

awww, you hold off till she realizes it herself.. They are only little for a little while...I savoir everything with Nathaniel, tooth fairy, Santa ( and he IS the man! ) Easter bunny...:) It kinda fels like childhood is over when they stop believing..And there is a Santa, Right ???? ;)

Nicki Mann said...

Good question! But I feel bad for all those little kids who are only 7 and already LOST OUT on the magic of the tooth fairy, Santa, and all the rest! If it were me I would hold off on telling her until she starts to figure it out herself. If you start to figure it out little by little, its better than having it delivered to you in one crushing blow by your parents!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Wish I had an answer..Aviva is 6 and just lost her 2nd tooth. And really believes in the TF. She swallowed her first tooth and came to hysterical when she realized. She said the TF will not come, and I quickly said lets write a letter and leave it for her. It worked.


Jeff said...


I think I would hold out until you go to get the tooth our from under the pillow and there is a note saying...."Dad, you think this one might be worth $20?"

As long as we can buddy we have to help them hold on to their goes by way to fast these days....

Kim Ayres said...

When Rogan was 9 we accidentally let slip about the TF and he was devastated. We'd always been a bit sporadic about it anyway, and I don't think he ever got more than 50p, so I thought an intelligent lad like him would have worked it out long before. Apparently not.

Kim Ayres said...

Actually, how much do you think the TF would give for a front crown? Enough to get it replaced?

BStrong said...
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BStrong said...

Jessica - I can't remember when I found out either. It's quite possible that I believed in the TF until I had kids of my own:)

Sara – I’m beginning to think that I should hold out for a while.

Nicki mann – Thank you for visiting. Kids these days seem to grow up way to quickly. This may be away to slow it down a bit.

Dori – Way to go, nice save.

Jeff – Your comment had me rolling. I suppose that if this happens I should have a little talk with her. $20 bucks seems like a low ball offer. I would start out with a C-note.

Kim – Rogan probably did figure it out but had your feelings at heart and wanted you to think that he was still in the dark about the TF.

Kim – I don’t know about the TF. But I would certainly pay top dollar. That thing is grossing me out, can you at least stick a small marshmallow or a piece of wood in there. Yuuuuuuuk