Friday, July 08, 2005

Great Way to Start Your Day

I woke up this morning around 5:45am, not from the sound of my alarm clock but from the sound of singing coming from my daughters room. I walked in and saw my 5 year old holding hands with Little Peanut (Little Peanut is my 1 year old with Down Syndrome) through her crib. They were singing row row row your boat.... It was the cutest thing. Little Peanut was sitting moving back and forth with the gentle pushing and pulling of her arms by her sister, they were both cracking up. My oldest looks up at me and says "daddy if she hits her forehead on the crib you will have to pick her up". I must say, her forehead was coming quite close to the rails of the crib but never hit. My 2 1/2 year old son decided that he wanted to join in, but he broke the rhythm and that was the end of row row row your boat.

It's moments like this that make you appreciate being a parent.


Donna said...

What a wonderful picture of your kids. I can almost hear their sweet voices singing. I followed a link here from Barbara's blog "Mommy Life". I hope you continue to blog; I like your 'voice'.

Sarahlynn said...

I am really looking forward to having more children so I can watch them interact with each other.

My daughter has a friend with Down syndrome who's a few months younger than she is (I think she's just a couple of months older than Little Peanut). They gravitate toward each other at preschool and play dates and seem to enjoy each other's company. But their conversation consists mainly of,

"No, stop!"

"No stop!"