Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Just Being Honest

Here’s a story that had me laughing. As you may recall, my wife and Little Peanut were in Florida about a month ago and stayed with some friends of ours. Anyway a week after my wife came back our friends in Florida played host to a group of kids with special needs for the weekend. The kids ate slept and just hung out at our friends when they weren’t busy with their other activities. Quick note: Our friend in Florida is not very familiar with the actual function of a kitchen and is now responsible to cook meals for these kids. She made them dinner on Friday night. A delicious looking turkey with all the trimmings went into the oven only to come out as a fascinating new design for a paperweight, even card board holds more moisture. The turkey was presented at the table and people started to dig in. The husband immediately commented on the texture and lack of moisture in the turkey, however, the guests were polite and complimented her on her dinner. Now, as many of you know kids that are born with Down Syndrome are also born with the gift of pure honesty. There happened to be a young boy with DS in the group who came to the table a little late. He sat down to eat and as he bit into the turkey the group counselor said “Isn’t the turkey wonderful”? I don’t think the boy heard her because he was to busy spitting it out and innocently telling the host that this was the worst turkey he had ever eaten. Imagine the embarrassment of the counselor, but the husband also agreed with the boy.

Our friends are very special people. He is a pediatric ENT and she is a school teacher. They have two kids and are extremely busy with their careers and being parents. On top of all this they have an open door policy at their house, not only for this organization, but for anyone passing through their community. You are always welcome at their house.

After the weekend was over the counselors thanked our friends for their hospitality and mentioned that they have never had hosts that were as warm and welcoming as they were. Apparently many hosts lay down the ground rules before inviting these kids into there home (not allowed in this room, can’t touch this, not allowed in the refrigerator….) and basically make them feel unwelcome. Not our friends, their house is fair game, do what ever you want, eat what ever you want (at your own risk), go where ever you want. When at our friends, you are just a part of the family.

Truly amazing people.


Naomi said...

Honesty is the best policy! Made me laugh and I'm sure the hosts took it in good spirits. They sound like amazing people

Tara Marie said...

So what is their address,,,,I want to go visit!!!

lol! Honesty is the best policy.

Sounds like an amazing family and I can just envision all the smiles and wonderful memories that they help generate by their open hearts and home.

Lori said...

I can't even count the number of times that Evan has innocently made a gut-honest comment or observation about something at a "socially awkward" moment! No one has ever been offended though, because he is always correct!

Donna said...

Cute story, and your friends sound like wonderful people.