Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Down Syndrome Google Search

I went to my site meter this morning to see where some of my hits were originating and my blog came up on a google search that someone made. Ready for this, the person typed in “How does down syndrome spread”

Oh no, it’s an epidemic RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

I know this could have been read a few different ways, but my initial reaction was one of confusion.


Naomi said...

OMG, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Someone seriously typed that into a search engine?!?

BStrong said...

Naomi - It's fact and I laughed.

I'm wearing a surgical mask when I get home. I wouldn't want to catch the down syndrome bug from Amanda:)


The Field Family said...

After working in the child care industry for over fifteen years, I wish DS WAS contageous, I know some children who could benefit from the joyous characteristics some DS people have.

Morons, freakin' morons.

I wonder how I can prevent the spread of my son's exceptional intelligence. I mean, if DS can spread, so too can overachieving, yes?


BStrong said...

I believe that we have the ability to be compassionate and intelligent people without being born with DS. I understand what you are saying, but I’m sure that the person that did the Google search is just ignorant to DS. When my daughter was born I knew nothing about DS. I knew that it wasn’t contagious, but there are people out there that lead sheltered lives. Who knows, the person that did the search could have been 7 years old.

Lori said...

I believe this person was serious. When Jackie was born and we told people she had Down Syndrome, you would not believe the people that commented "What is Down Syndrome"? Some actually never even heard of it before. It really puzzled me.

Cathy said...

Hi great site, I Googled and found you to. I Goggled “Blogs Down syndrome” though lol.
It’s sad I’m not surprised though. I love your side bar having links just about Down syndrome for quick searches. Your kids are adorable .
You have a link to Down syn, have I seen you over there?

Anonymous said...

Hello, after reading your resent blog post on what people will search on google, I thought I would comment.

I'm not the person who typed in that search when you first saw it. However, I did just type it in and your blog came up.

I'm a college student who is writing a report on DS. One of the questions my professor wanted me to asnwer was the question I typed in the google search. I realize that DS can't be spread,I was simply finding an aswer to a question. I'm so sorry if I offended you. I have met several
DS children and found them to be one of God's amazing creations.

You have a beautiful family and several of your links have been very helpful to my report.

God Bless :))

P.S. The reason I've posted anonymous is b/c I don't have a blog. :)

Mental Retardation Syndromes said...

i think down syndromes Must be Given Opportunity

Downs Side Up said...

Thank goodness for pioneers and ambassadors such as ourselves. Keep up the good work.