Friday, January 27, 2006


It’s been one heck off a week so far in the great city of Pittsburgh as our Steelers are going to the Super Bowl for the first time in 10 years. We will be playing the Seattle Seahawks whom are making their first Super Bowl appearance ever. The Steelers road to the Super Bowl was not easy, we were the 6th seed going in to the playoffs which meant that we secured the last possible slot for the playoffs; this also meant that we had to go on the road and win three times in order to secure a Super Bowl appearance. I probably could go on to write a small book on the Steelers road to the Super Bowl, but because of the lack of time and the shivers and shakes I get just thinking about our Steelers getting back to the Super Bowl makes it difficult to type.

The Big Game is being played in Detroit’s which is only 5.5 hours away from Pittsburgh which makes it very tempting to go to the game, but the $2,000 price tag per ticket (market value, not actual value) is a bit steep for me. I’m sure the Steelers will make it to a few more Super Bowls before Big Ben retires (Steelers quarterback), giving me another chance at going.

Well I’m off to take my medication to calm myself down.



Kim Ayres said...

As I was clicking to visit your site, I was fully expecting there to be no change and was preparing towrite something to the effect that you'd dropped off the lead board again. However, here you are, up and blogging again and you've chosen a topic that goes right over the top of my head.

Never mind.

At the risk of landing myself in alengthy debate on a subject I know nothing about, why are you a Steelers fan? Did you choose them, or was it compulsory because they're your local team?

Asher Hunter said...

Its sad that we live in a society where true sports fans are unable to attend important games, because rich buggers (who probably are there to be seen, or make corporate contacts, etc.) drive the ticket prices through the roof with legalized scalping.

Go to the game anyway! The REAL fans are all at the tailgate party.

BStrong said...


The Steelers are my local Football team that I have been following since I was probably six. My father had season tickets so we went to every home game. I remember all but one of the Super Bowls that they were in (The Steelers were in there first one in 1974 when I was 3). The fans here in Pittsburgh are die hard. Our entire city is buzzing. I probably missed only a handfull of games since I was six.


I suppose that’s the case, but it has always been that way for as long as I can remember. I think I’ll stay in Pittsburgh so that I can watch the game with some of my friends instead of going to the game to tailgate and risking not seeing it.

Anonymous said...

There is much going on here to prepare for the big game. They are actually cleaning city streets with a never before seen vigor. Amazingly, they even had community service workers cleaning I-75 today, and I might mention, that I am about 30 minutes south of the city, well it is the main route downtown. Oh, now if only they would patch the massive potholes that sometimes eat cars (not really) we would actually have decent roadways to travel on.

I have always preferred Chicago over Detroit myself, as there is not much to actually do in the city here and its is not usually very clean. They have made great efforts to beautify things, but it won't replace the fact that there are generally not many people actually moving about on the streets-its sort of like a ghost town. It appears that this game is really big news here.

I hope you do go to the game-it may be the only time you see Detroit clean and full of people lol!

Kim Ayres said...

Here's an excuse to write something for your blog Bstrong, I'm tagging you:

joe malone said...

it's mos def nice to finally have a superbowl with someone that hasn't won it 85 times in recent memory involved, not that the raiders/bucs one was like that, but let's not talk about that shall we, let us never speak of it again...

in re: detroit, curious spot for the game, build a stadium get a superbowl. there's a really interesting blog floating around somewhere about the abandoned skyscrapers of detroit if anyone cares to hunt it down...

since the raiders are nursing wounds, i'll go ahead and root for the steel curtain i guess. i hate starbucks anyway (in theory, he said, as he gulped another triple latte)

aloha, etc.

Kim Ayres said...

Long timebetween postings again. Did the Steelers lose and you've just not been able to bring yourself to say anything in your grief? Or did they win and you've been too hungover from the celebrations to write?

Anonymous said...

So... did you have a big celebration bstrong???