Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Catching Up

Firstly, I would like to thank my blogger friend Kim for checking in on me. I haven’t been posting on a regular basis like I used to and I have no explanation as to why that is. Thanks Kim, I didn’t fall of the face of the planet although sometimes it seems like I have.

Work has been getting busier and busier and a bit more hectic. My wife started last week on her quest to become a Physicians Assistant, and the kids are/were sick these past couple of weeks. My oldest is going to get her third round of tubes in her ears on Friday which is no big deal but it’s not me getting it done, is it. Winter vacation will start in a couple of weeks and we’re not going any place special this time around. I was thinking of taking a couple of days to go to this indoor water park mini resort with the kids that is about 2 hours away, we’ll see what happens. I know the water park is for the kids, but if we go I will be the one in the water with them and I’m not one for public pools. I’m more of an ocean or bust guy; I think the phobia has something to do with hundreds of kids in the pool for hours and none of them having to leave the pool area for a bathroom break, hmmmmmmmm. Don’t tell me that the chlorine will do the trick.

Amanda is mobile now, butt scooting all over the place and she has developed such a beautiful personality. She’s starting to follow me all over the house. I could be standing in the kitchen talking with my wife and a few minutes later feel a tug on my leg only to see that beautiful girl staring up at me with her gorgeous smile and captivating almond shaped eyes.

I hope to get back into blogging regularly soon.



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is well. I too wondered what happened to you, but was also aware of you wife going back to school, so it make perfect sense to me that you had been away from your blog.

The waterpark idea... I wanted to mention, the kids and I went to Grand Harbor in Dubuque, IA last December. The room and experience were wonderful-but Elainah and CJ did not manage the sauna like temps in the pool area well. It was really overwhelming for them.

Maybe you could call and check with the place prior to going to find out if you and the family are likely to cook in their pool area. Too many kids and extreme heat is lots of fun :) well sort of...

Kim Ayres said...

Someone once said to me that what makes your eyes sting when you're in the swimming pool is not the chlorine, but the chemical reaction between the chlorine and urine.

Glad to see you're alive and healthy!

Asher Hunter said...

Ouch, sounds like you've had your hands full! Best of luck, and I hope your days are relatively stress free!

BStrong said...

The warm water is just another indicator that kids have no need to leave the pool so that they can do their business.

Sounds like a very wise man:)

Hey Ash,
Yes, we've been a little busy, but who hasn't. Our home life was becoming a bit routine so we decided to mix things up again by sending the wife back to school.