Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Flat Lining

I had a very important meeting yesterday with a potential client that went extremely well, all I had to do was produce a document that he needed and he was mine. Simple, I go back to the office retrieve the document from my D drive, print it, and fax it to him; in the bag right?

Not quite. I go to the D drive and the document that I’m looking for is missing. This isn’t any document, this is a very very important piece of paper from my State that allows me to conduct business in the State and they will not issue me another one. Basically, if I don’t have this document a lot of money will have to be spent in order to stay open in my State. Sounds exaggerated right? It’s not, this document must be found.

After applying CPR to myself and apologizing to everyone in my office for using expletives to characterize my true feelings of the situation I decided that now was a good time to do some Spring cleaning in my office even though it’s November. I almost always print out a hard copy of everything that I have saved on my computer just in case my computer crashes; a few months ago I did have a slight malfunctioning of my laptop that would have wiped out some files. My rational behind the Spring cleaning is that the document is laying behind a pile of papers that I have in my office and that if I start throwing away things I’ll eventually come across it; process of elimination. You know why our rainforests need saved? It’s because half of it is sitting on my desk, shelves, and floor in my office.

I start my pursuit and start throwing irrelevant and unimportant papers away. I’m half way through all my files and still nothing. Finally after about an hour of teetering between failure and success I uncover the document that I needed. Sitting on my bookshelf hidden between two trade magazines was where it was hiding. After my heartbeat returned to normal I faxed the document. The client called me back and is ready to do business.


Just Shu said...

Good thing you found it, wasnt't sure how the story would end

Kim Ayres said...

I never ceased to be amazed by the amount of things we have in commmon - in our 30s, married with kids, daughters with DS, filing systems...

Lori said...

Ok, this is scary. I read your post this AM and thought "Oh, poor bstrong. How stressful!" and went about my day. Then about 3pm, our senior pastor needed our corporate paperwork from the state to be faxed to someplace right away. Could I find it? Of course not! I had been jinxed by reading your post! (Just kidding, maybe!) After 30 minutes I found it totally misfiled. What would work be without such events? Peaceful!

Tara Marie said...

Hey,,,sounds like my filing system. I'm so glad you were successful and hope you have a fruitful and enjoyable new client.

BStrong said...

Shu - Good thing for you that I found it.

Kim - Quite interesting. I have a feeling that we'll continue to blow our minds with all the things we have in common.

Lori - Ah I can see that my voo doo magic is working.

Tara - If I actually filed stuff I would probably never find it again.


Jeff said...

Wow, I can relate to that so very well. Glad you found the document and got the business.

Been reading some of your posts for a bit but Mauzy (my Wife) finally got me started blogging this weekend.

Look forward to reading more soon.

BStrong said...

Jeff, Welcome to Blogland. My wife (belovedlife)and I also blog. I'm fairly new to blogging as well; 6 months.

Tell Mauzy I say hi.

I look forward to reading your blog.