Monday, November 07, 2005

Football, Is There Anything Else?

Yesterday afternoon my wife went shopping and I was summoned to daddy duty. Sunday is a very important day for me because of football (Kim, the game that uses the oval looking brown ball, not the football where the hitting is harder in the stands), so it’s paramount that I find something to keep the kids occupied for a good 3-4 hours. For Elli and James, my two oldest kids, the choice was painting and/or the computer. Thankfully James chose the computer while Elli chose painting because when those two want to do the same thing all hell breaks loose and daddy becomes the referee. Amanda is pretty easy to take care of, she either sits on the floor and plays with her toys or she sits on my lap and we play together, nothing to distracting because it will take away from football. That said, Amanda who is now 1 ½ years old (for those who are not familiar with Amanda, she is my youngest who happens to have Down Syndrome) is the easiest to take care of. I whish my other two had her temperament.

I had Amanda on my lap while I was watching the game, we were playing “catch your nose“ when I noticed that she was actually watching the FOOTBALL GAME. She made me so proud, it was like a dream come true. I’m hoping that my son will soon take an interest; he’s only three and is more interested in taking the clothing off of Elli’s Barbies than watching football with his dad. I’m on a mission to get James interested in football so this week I will bring home an official NFL pigskin for us to toss around.

I realize that once Amanda knows better she will forget about football and move on to more productive things, but for now I’m loving the moment.


Mauzy said...

I think BigDawg still likes the "clothes off Barbie" thing....hmmmmmm

Go Colts!

Kim Ayres said...

Oval pig skin - now I'm with you - it's rugby but with protective clothing!


BStrong said...

Mauzy, I hope you're talking about Nash and not Jeff.:)

11/28 Mark it down on your calendar. The colts will have their first loss. GO STEELERS!

Yeah yeah, you know what I'm talking about.


Lori said...

Oh, I imagine that Amanda will enjoy any time spent with Daddy for sometime to come, even if football in involved! Evan was fascinated by basketball from about the same age. I'm the one who loves to watch b-ball so I always had company (still do!)Glad you had a good afternoon.

Jeff said...

I am with you on the football games bstrong. The big Colts/Pats game tonight that I am so looking forward too.

And don't pay any attention to Mauzy.... :)

Naomi said...

It's that girlie version of rugby where they have to keep taking a breather every 20 seconds because they've got so much padding on, isn't it???

Hopefully Amanda will grow out of this bad habit soon ;-)

BStrong said...

Lori - I've never had an interest in basketball since Pittsburgh has never had an NBA team. The time spent with Amanda was precious.

Naomi - Yes, compared to Rugby, football is a girlie game, however our football players for the most part have most of their teeth and will live past the age of 32.

I will encourage Amanda's bad habit.

Jeff - Congrats on your Colts, what a great win for them and quite entertaining.

I'm sure Mauzy and I will have some good jabs closer to the Steelers/Colts game.

Cheers to all,