Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cell Phone Woes

I woke up this morning to the sound of my self phone ringing. The person on the other line asks me “is Christine there?” I tell them that they must have the wrong number, but DAN tells me that I’M mistaken. I say “Dan, there is know Christine here you must be mistaken because this is my cell phone YOU are calling”. He continues to tell me that my number came up on his caller idea with a message for him to call her back. Ah ha! I figured it out. This mystery woman, Christine just got herself a new cell phone service and her carrier accidentally gave her my number, which I have had since the time cell phones came in suitcases and weighed about 25 pounds. I get up and do the usual stuff before heading to the office and my cell phone rings again; it’s another person for Christine. I again repeat the same damn story and hang up. After about eight calls for Christine my phone rings; “Hello, hi Christine, yes, yes, Christine can you please call your service and let them know about their mix-up”. She tells me that she already did, but the reason she’s calling me is to ask if I can call her when someone calls for her on my number. Did you all get that? SHE WANTS ME TO BE HER SECRETARY! Firstly, I don’t know this woman, secondly, I DON”T KNOW THIS WOMAN! and thirdly, HER FRIENDS ARE WASTING MY MINUTES BY CALLING ME! I said that it would be an inconvenience for me and reiterated that she needs to call her cell phone carrier back.

I called my service and they told me that they will handle the problem. They also apologized for the inconvenience and told me that they will reimburse me for any minutes that were used involving this issue.

Dan called me back a couple of times; we are becoming good friends now.


Belovedlife said...

No wonder you have no time to talk to your wife, you're too busy chatting with some chick and her boy toy....thanks honey..don't worry, you'll have lots to hear about the way this is your wife....

BStrong said...

I'm looking forward to our chat:)

Kim Ayres said...

Years ago, back in the days before cell phones and caller ID, I knew a guy who, to pass the evening would randomly pick a number out of the phone book. He would phone up and say "Is Pete there?" When they said no, he must have a wrong number, he'd say that he really needed to get hold of Pete because he'd borrowed Pete's car and smashed it up in an accident.

One of his friends would then phone the same number 10 minutes later and ask for Pete. When he was told it was the wrong number, he would explain that he needed to get hold of Pete because the police were looking for him.

Then he'd get a female friend to call the same number to say she needed to talk to Pete because she'd just found out she was pregnant. And soon on and so on.

Eventually, towards the end of the evening, he would phone up the number and say "Hi, I'm Pete. Are there any messages for me?"

He said that while he occassionaly got some serious abuse down the phone (which he found highly amusing), quite often, they would reel off all the messages and try and offer him advice and consolation.

Teenagers can be real bastards sometimes!

BStrong said...

How funny. Phone pranks were innocent fun back in the day. I remember one that I did while I was in high school. First, I just want to apologize to all my religious readers; I was a young and stupid kid back then.

I called up a church and asked if Jesus saves men, the response was yes. I then asked if Jesus saves women, again the answer was yes, I said "Great can you have him save me one for Saturday night". Awful, just awful.

Lori said...

That is a dumb, but hilarious, prank! Makes me want to disguise my voice & call our church secretary.
You could have told Christine to give you a credit card number & for the fee of $10 per call, you'd be glad to take messages for her. The holiday's are just around the corner & I'm sure you could use the extra money!

Asher Hunter said...

Ok, now, I'm something of a prankster, but I admit, I would love to have this happen to me. Imagine the fun you could have with false messages! :)

Tara Marie said...

Too funny!

We had that problem with dh's old nextel cell/walkie talkie thing-a-ma-bob. He would get calls from dudes in Newark, NJ [on the walkie-talkie part] in the middle of the night [that would freak me out because it just starts talking]....apparently to make 'drug' buys. After a few [you got the wrong dude] my dh got fed up and told them to meet them on the corner of '1st and Broad].....never heard from them again!

BStrong said...

Lori - If I was an intelligent person that's what I would have done. I just wanted to end the whole debacle.

Asher - Why do I sense that I would never want to be on your shit list?

Tara - I would have done a little research of the city and then give them a corner where there was a police station:)


BStrong said...

UPDATE: I mentioned that Dan called me a few times yesterday looking for Christine, well I received a call from Steve looking for Christine and it turns out that Steve is her boyfriend. When I told him about Dan he got really pissed.

I think I may have accidentally destroyed a relationship.


Kim Ayres said...

Have you seen "Ruthless People" with Danny Devito and Bette Midler?

There's a scene where Danny Devito's sitting in his office, with no one but a policeman. The phone rings and he answers it. After a pause he says "Yeah, Carol's here, who's that?" There's another pause before he says "Hi Bob. Well I'm sorry, but Carol can't come to the phone just now because my dick's in her mouth."

Then he hangs up and turns to the policeman and says "I just love wrong numbers!"

BStrong said...

I did see "Ruthless People" many moons ago, however I cant recall the scene. I really should have been more creative with the whole situation.

I'm kicking myself now.

The Field Family said...

Hey, if they gave her your cell number, maybe they'll give her your BILL too!

One can dream!

CJ Field

BStrong said...

With my luck they'll send me her bill.
It's Saturday night and I haven't received any more calls for her. The crisis is finally over.