Monday, October 24, 2005

Field Reporters Should Be Nominated

I’m finding that more and more networks are sending their reporters into harms way with all the hurricanes that are hitting the States this year. How much of the reporting taking place at ground zero is theatrics and how much is real? I’m not denying that these reporters are standing in the middle of a hurricane; I’m questioning the force of the storm at the time of their reporting. It amazes me that when you see them reporting that they are being blown all over the place, attempting to hold on to trees, mailboxes, and telephone poles so they don’t blow away and all the while the camera that’s shooting their apparent demise stands still. Are the camera men that CNN hires perforated so that the wind passes through them, or is it actually an Oscar winning performance by our honest media?


Kim Ayres said...

I'm sure most of it is honest, but there used to be a comedy series on Channel 4 in the UK called "Drop the Dead Donkey", which was based in a newsroom. One of the characters was always trying to fix things so that he looked like an incredible reporter, while doing very little. For example, he would slap a kid so that it started crying, then get the camera rolling and talk about the loss and trauma suffered by the poor children. I couldn't hep but wonder how much of that kind of thing went on in real life.

Lori said...

I'm wondering why they even send reporters into dangerous & similar natural disasters over and over. We all know what it looks like when hurricane force winds are blowing. Do we have to see it a gazillion times? We certainly are a nation of rubberneckers but hey, don't show the same indistinguishable scene over & over again! (Sorry for babbling. Pet peeve!)

Beckie said...

I've wondered about this phenomena myself?!! You'd have to be crazy to want that job. Either that or it's dramatized.'s a mystery!

Asher Hunter said...

It is honest. The reporters are pretty much willing to risk their own lives (and that of their crew) to get the most dangerous shots and gain the most media attention.

But why?

If you want shots, put a camera in a protected, bullet-proof, shatterproof glass box, and leave it running. You can transmit the pictures without risking someone's life.

With all the people who honestly get caught in a hurricane and risk their lives, it pisses me off when non-rescue orientated people or scientists go running into one like idiots.

BStrong said...

I'm back. I think there's a movie out there called "Bruce Almighty". It's about a guy that inherits god like powers and one of the things he does is use them to advance his media career, but he soon runs into problems.


I don't know why they send these reporters into harms way. Since the Gulf War, it seems that these networks are doing it more and more. It's common now to hear of a reporter getting injured or worse, killed. The term they use now is "embedded".

I'm sure a lot of it is real, but surely some drama is added. I wouldn't want to be married to one of these adrenalin junkies.

It ticks me off too, but I'm not about to try and talk sense into idiots. You should patent your idea of the shatter proof glass bocks.

Cheers all.

MomTah said...

It's funny that you should bring this topic up 'cause I was just looking at this video the other day over on eBaum's World of a "today show" reporter...funny stuff :-)

BStrong said...

Momtah - Very funny. If I were that reporter I would have stopped reporting and rowed down stream, trying to elude the cameras