Monday, August 15, 2005

Be One With The Potty

I just added our kids real names in the "About Me" on the sidebar.

Yesterday we started on our potty training adventure with my son. We are trying the running around naked approach. We tried for all of about 5 minutes, but the boy was not happy running around the house naked. I found that strange because he used to love it, and besides don't all guys have that dream? We bought him this cute little red potty that he could walk around with and if the urge should come he'll be prepared. He's definitely ready, we are going through diapers faster than Target can stock them. If he has a little accident he throws himself on the floor and flags us down to change him. I feel so used.

The cutest thing happened this morning. Before I go to work each morning I give each of our children a kiss on the forehead. My son was not happy this time with me just giving him his little peck. He got upset and came over to me and requested a kiss on his lips so he too can give me a kiss. It was a great way to start the day.

All in all it was a pretty boring weekend, just the way I like it.


Julana said...

I found a site where they sell Tinkle TUnes. Little potties that play Old MacDonald Had A Farm when the child uses them.
Also a ($10) sensor to go in the diaper or underwear that plays the song when it gets wet.
The company is in British Columbia. I ordered the sensor over the phone, and it was here in less than two weeks.

BStrong said...

Thanks Julana,
If you have the link, please send it. I would love for my wife to tell me that she was in the mall at a checkout counter when all of a sudden James' tushie starts to play music.

Julana said...