Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Is It Bed Time Yet?

I love my kids and would like to have the ability and freedom to spend every waking moment with them, but lately I have found myself looking at the clock thinking "is it bedtime yet". This past Sunday I verbalized my thoughts to Elle (my 5 year old daughter). At about 2pm we all ended up in our bedroom, I looked at the clock and said "Elle, time for bed". She gave me this look that nearly backed me into the corner. I guess I can't pull the wool over her eyes anymore.
I shouldn't be complaining. We have adjusted the kids bedtimes so that mommy and I can get sometime for ourselves. The kids are usually out cold by 7:30 a big change from 9pm. The only drawback is that they get up early. It's really not a problem during the week because we're up anyway, but on the weekends, C'mon just another our please.

Fact: The greatest single electronic creation is the snooze button.
Question: How many times do you hit it before actually getting out of bed?


Naomi said...

I find myself doing the sme thing, especially on a Sunday when we've been running all over the place all weekend.

We also have the kids in bed by 7:30 as we need some adult time, but that means a 6am wakeup (yawn).

Snooze button, alarm clock?? what's that?? haven't used one in about a year. I don't think Callum has a snooze button ;-)

BStrong said...

I know, I usually wake up via a foot in my stomach from one of the kids. The alarm clock is just a reminder to get my toosh out of bed. Ahhhh, A child with a snooze button. Back to the drawing board.

Emily Elizabeth said...

You are not alone. I love my Emma time, but at the same time I struggle to remember what Emily time once was and to believe it will ever happen again...

As for the snooze feature on my dreaded alarm clock...it is something that I activate WAY to much. Just ask my husband...he is very bitter about it. LOL!

clew said...

Hi Brian -

Just surfing through, hit you via another DS parent's guestbook :) I believe it was Naomi's!

Enjoyed your easy writing style. Have a great day ~~