Friday, August 12, 2005

Here We Go Again

Well, we received Little Peanut’s new contact lenses a couple of days ago and put them in yesterday (third pair in 4 weeks). She’s been wearing glasses for the past week but needs lenses to help with her peripheral vision so the contacts are a must. She looks so cute in her glasses and when ever we switch her to contacts it takes some time for us to get used to her new look. Needless to say disaster struck again. WE LOST A LENS YESTERDAY! I’m going to find the company on the NYSE and invest our life savings. Hey, it bothers me a little because they’re not cheap, but there’s nothing you can do about it. She needs to see so I really don’t get to upset about it, just frustrated. My wife on the other hand freaks (a little). I’m sure she’ll blog about it today so check it out later at beloved life.

I woke up this morning and was happy to see that our oldest daughter introduced Peanut to the world of Barbie. My oldest has a collection of at least 50 dolls most of them are naked. She has a ton of clothes for them but I think my son, being a guy is just well, being a guy. Anyway, they were playing nicely; I guess playing nicely means my oldest playing house with them while Peanut eats them (we made sure that no little pieces were around for Peanut to grab).

My son is turning thee next month and still needs to be potty trained. Every once in awhile he’ll want to go potty but for the most part it’s the diaper. I think it’s a guy thing. We just like to multitask, playing and pooping at the same time. He’s ready though. I walked into the living room last night and he hinted that he needed changed. My little guy had himself on the floor with the wipes open and a diaper in hand. YES IT WAS TOXIC. If anyone has a good suggestion on how we can get this guy on the potty for good, please let me know. Someone told us to let him run around the house naked (what the?), so we did and it was like he was a wild beast marking his territory. Another stock tip, Resolve carpet cleaner.

I need some suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Keep letting him run naked. Everyone I know who has boys have trained them in this fashion. Sure they mark their territory, but eventually they get it. Perhaps while the weather is still warm, let him run in the yard?

Anonymous said...

Try putting a gumball machine in the bathroom. Everytime he pees or poops give him a penny to get out a M & M ( gum is a choking hazard). It worked for me!

Tara Marie said...

I agree with the naked bit...My son potty trained over the summer with very little clothing to get in the way.

laughing about stock tips.....I'm a former Stock Broker! :0)