Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Greetings People

Happy Holidays to y’all.

What does December 25th spiritually mean to my family? Not much, we celebrate Chanukah in our home. The day off though was much welcomed; we kept the kids home from school and spent time as a family. Our project for the day was making doughnuts. Robin made the dough, the kids cut out the doughnuts and I fried them. After they cooled we topped them off with cinnamon, powdered sugar and regular sugar. The kids really didn’t eat a good dinner that day…..hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder why.

On another note, when there are kids around and you feel the need to swear, if you have common sense you would replace the word with something less harmful. You’d say Frickin instead of F*c”ing or crud instead of S*it; you kind of know what I mean, right, right?. The art of substitution must be paramount for a parent with young children.

With that said. I’m very good with substituting this for that but I am a firm believer now that being silent is better. I heard my five year old son tell his younger sister to give him the frickin ball. That word although much better than it’s relative still sounded bad to me.

Instead of substitution I’m going to be silent the next time I have the urge to swear. I figure if the later rubbed off on my son, this should too. Now, if my son starts to keep quiet, is it an indicator that he’s got all these disgusting swear words running through his head? …………………..Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Shit, I mean Crud.


Kim Ayres said...

"Nuts" is the one I've taught myself to scream when I stub my toe, drop my mandolin, or burn my hand on the cooker. It's usually followed by

"NNNgggghhhhnnnn... ohmyfffffff... nutsnutsnutsnuts... nnnggghhhnnn..."

Jeff said...

Brother B

Based on my world right now I would be much better off being totally silent but I have not mastered that craft yet.


amy flege said...

glad to see you back!!! we have the same issues here but our kids dont always hear them here at home.. the school bus is such a great educational tool-NOT!!

Kim Ayres said...

Happy New Year! Here's wishing that 2008 is considerably better than 2007! Hope you all have a great one :)

Sara said...

hmmmmm so true eh, amazing what kids here, esp when you don't think they are listening ;)

Sara said...

oh and happy New Year! Hope 2008 is the best year for you and your family

Jeff said...

Brother B

I have no idea of you still check in on this but if you do email me please at:


Kim Ayres said...

After your comment on my blog I thought you might have a new post up, but alas not.

Gloria Huerta, Califonia said...

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