Thursday, March 08, 2007

At A Loss For Words

I’ve got nothing, really. Being absent from my blog for a few weeks, one would think that they would have something to blog about. In most cases that would be the case, but with me, nothing.

Instead of boring you with long drawn out paragraphs filled with words that aren’t really coming to me anyway, I’ll just give you a brief, one sentence update on the past few weeks.

It’s been thankfully busy and have a meeting coming up that could be of tremendous benefit to the company.

Overall family life is good, but a bit crazy. I suppose that’s what keeps me on my toes.

Faith: Still got it.

Robin: Finishing up the last of her prerequisites before PA School. She’s getting pretty excited and I’m getting nervous.

Eli: She’s doing well in school, which can only mean that she takes after her mother.

James: He has really grown up over the past few months. I need to give him a bit more attention. Being the second oldest, it seems that he gets lost in the shuffle sometimes. We snuggled on the sofa last night before bed to watch an episode of “Danny Phantom”

Amanda: She’s really starting to walk (15-20 steps at a time without holding on to anything) She still likes to but scoot though. This truly is big news, I was actually weepy eyed when I witnessed this accomplishment for the first time.

Alistair: 2 months / 3 weeks and he’s as big as a ninth month old. He’s wonderful. The cheeks on this kid are so pinchable that we need to keep our guard up when ever we go out.



Michelle said...

WTG on the walking Amanda! I can't believe how big the baby is getting already! They all look great in their costumes!

jennifer said...

Thanks for the update! Glad to know you and yours are well...I just figured you were lost in new parenthood, which is to be expected!

Kim Ayres said...

Sometimes it's harder to think of things to say to people you haven't seen for a while, yet if you saw them everyday you'd never run out of conversation. When you see people every day, you're quite happy to talk about everyday stuff, but when you don't see them for a while you feel you ought to have more important things to discuss.

I speak on the phone with my brother on average maybe once or twice a year. "So Mike, what you been up to?" "Oh, you know, the usual, nothing much."

amy flege said...

was getting worried about you since you hadnt posted in a while!!! glad to hear amanda is walking!! yeah!!!!