Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Trip

As far as Elizabeth my oldest daughter knew, the day was to start like any other day. Little did she know that the minivan driven by her mother that takes her to school would divert from its usual course and lead her to a place of pure terror. As they drew closer to this place my wife’s true self was becoming apparent to my daughter. Her beautiful skin was pealing off to expose the scaly green below, her eyes seemed to become reptilian and her nails grew to sharp points. The thing that sat in the drivers seat was no longer the mommy that is supposed to care, love and protect my daughter at all costs. Without warning the route the van was taking revealed itself. Yes, it was on a collision course with the dentist’s office where Elizabeth was scheduled to have two cavities filled. Oh the terror, pure terror.


Michelle said...

Kayla had her first encounter with a dentist last week. Did not go well at all. This was just for them to look at her teeth and see how things were going - not even a cleaning w/instruments or anything - just a toothbrush and the mirror. She freaked. Didn't like the light that was above her head, didn't like the strange people hovering over her trying to pry her mouth open, didn't like the guy with the scary mask covering half his face. Yeah, it was quite the experience. I'm afraid they are going to have to put her out to even attempt to clean the teeth. And today we have a blood!

Anonymous said...

AAAHHHHHHHH! The dentist! It really can be a scary place at times :)

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing story teller. You really had me going in the beginning...I thought it really was a horror story.