Friday, September 22, 2006

I Blinked

What the hell happened to me? All I can remember is on the evening of April 20th I went to sleep dreading the fact that tomorrow was going to be my 35th Birthday. The morning came and nothing out of the ordinary happened. But here I am today 20 pounds heavier. Since My birthday it seems that my metabolism slowed and the crap that I normally eat hangs out with me a bit longer. People tell me that it doesn’t appear that I gained any weight, but than there are those who make the comment of how nice it is for me to be pregnant with Robin. What the hell does that mean? Anyway, my eating habits are not primo, which probably has something to do with stress and my exercise routine of lifting a cup of coffee to my lips along with curling a doughnut in the same manner. However, it was my friends’ 40th b-day last week and as a gift to him me and a few buds went on a 24 mile bike ride with him (he’s a big cyclist) which yes, I did finish. He wanted to do 40 but my friends and I agreed that it was too early for our wives to spend the life insurance money.

So what did happen? Why is it that all of a sudden I’m gaining weight when my entire life to this point I was a stick?

I feel the need to buy a new leather jacket and a very red sports car.


Anonymous said...

Ah winter hibernation is also right around the corner, a reason for many people to gain weight.

If you do buy a leather jacket and a sports car, be sure to share the photos!!! You didn't look bad in the flashy car you had for your work trip this past summer.

Age, funny how it slows our metabolism down...if you find a way to easily speed it up, you could make millions :)

Glad to see your posting a bit more frequently again!!!!

Anonymous said...

My husband gained weight when I was pregnant with Joey and I never lost my weight so you're not the only one!! Like Rebecca said, be sure to post photos if you get your leather jacket and sports car!!

Michelle said...

Joe gained a few pounds when I was pg w/Kayla too...funny how the weight just sneaks up on you!

Mauzy said...

00000h how about a Harley!

Kim Ayres said...

This isn't just about metabolism, B, my guess is that your comfort eating has increased. These last 6 months have been seriously stressful for you and with the next little one imminent you're feeling less in control of your life than you have for years.

We turn to sugary and fatty foods more often when we're in need of comfort (habits laid down in childhood). Unfortunately as well as getting the sugar rush, you get the sugar drop too, leading to a vicious cycle of food addiction if you're not careful.

Visit the sidebar of my Losing a Hundredweight blog for some insights into over eating. Not all will apply, but one or 2 might strike a chord.

Maybe I'm over reacting and putting too much into what I'm reading, but the whole sports car thingis another sign of trying to recapture the days of no responisbility. I know you were half joking when you said it, but it was only half joking.

I'm only scraping the surface here, so if you want to chat in more depth, feel free to use email.

BStrong said...

Rebecca - It's still in the 70's here, so I don't think I'm in hibernation mode just yet. Thanks for trying to make me feel better though.
I am looking for a way to speed up my metabolism, why do you think I'm going for the sports car:)

Jessica - Honestly, I think the car will have to wait do to the fourth kid arriving soon.

Michelle - I didn't beleive it was even possible to gain 20 in just a few months.

Mauzy - I actually bought a raffle for a Harley Softtail when I was at the beach this summer. The drawing was on the 17th of this month and I didn't get a phone call. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Kim - Thanks for the insite. I'm going to check out your other blog. I know that I've been eating junk and that sugar is the culprit. I just need to learn control.

Just Shu said...

It could be all teh Junk and Ritas that is eatn in your office

The Imperfect Christian said...

You're WAY too young to be thinking like that, old man!!

BStrong said...

TIC - I agree. It's quite odd because in my mind I feel 23 but my body seems to reel me back in to reality. I am going to start cycleing though.


Jeff said...

Buy a Harley instead....hope you are past this by now.

Kim Ayres said...

How's the midlife crisis going? With my 40th coming up next week, things are getting out of control. More on my latest post - I'm sure you'll identify :)

Mauzy said...

Obviously my husband does not read the posted comments or he would have read about my suggestion re: the Harley. Guess that's why we are married.

Ok, stand up, turn around, and blog again. We miss you even if you are now rotund.

Anonymous said...

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