Thursday, December 22, 2005

Like Clockwork

Every year around winter I decide to grow a beard and every time it comes off after a few weeks. I usually wait until my wife hints to me that she prefers my baby face. Things were going well; she didn’t say anything to me for the past two weeks (the time that I started growing it). That all ended one Monday morning when she hinted her dislike by saying to me “oh, your growing a beard” in a tone that was laced with her disapproval. I kind of ignored her comment and went to the office. The next couple of days went by and she didn’t bring it up, until this beautiful morning. She just came out and said “Shave it, I don’t like it…etc.” I enjoy my status as a husband and the duties that come with it, so this weekend the beard will come off. It’s really no surprise to me because it’s been close to three weeks which is average as I stated above. I think the tradition will end because as I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, the beard is turning gray; I guess it wants to match my hair. You can hardly see the gray in the picture because I have my hand in front of the area where it’s turning. Coincidence, I think not.

I think the beard makes me look older, something that I would have wanted if I was 18 but now that I'm thirty-four the whole idea is to look younger.

Happy Holidays to all.



Kim Ayres said...

I think it gives you a certain dignity and wisdom, but what can you do when your wife's quite clear about her feelings?

By contrast, my wife has never seen my chin. On the odd occasion when I have considered shaving it off, the very quick and vocal protests have soon seen off the idea.

It seems to me that women either love or hate beards on their man. I've rarely met a woman who didn't feel strongly about it one way or the other.

Before it goes though, make sure you get her to run her fingers through your beard. It is a sensation I never tire of ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you do look quite different with the fur on your face... I think I am with the wife on the "shave it" tip. It isn't that it doesn't look good-it is more about it looking different. I do agree it makes you look a bit older.

Kim: I think that it is likely that when someone gets used to a person with a certain appearance, changing it makes thing unfamilar. I don't think I have a firm opinion about liking or disliking facial hair-but I don't like major appearance changes most of the time no matter who has made the change male or female.

I have not seen my father without a beard since before he was 30. His is entirely white and my son CJ says "grandpa would make the best Santa Claus". I think he would likely be viewed as a stranger by most of his children & grandchildren if he took away the completely white hair and facial locks. We like him how he is, no need for change.

Just my opinion...

BStrong said...


My wife is definitely the hate kind which is funny because her father has always sported a beard. Maybe that's it, she doesn't want to look at me and be reminded of her dad.

I'll go home this evening and ask her to run her fingers through; she'll think I'm nuts.


It certainly does give me a different appearance. I'll start taking it off this weekend. I usually have fun taking it off because it takes about three days for me to get through the process. The first morning I'll take it down to a goatee then the following morning it will be a mustache then finally I'll have my face back. That too drives my wife nuts.


Just Shu said...

It kinds makes you look a lil like Chuck Norris.

Asher Hunter said...

I'm a big fan of chin dressings, but I have to say I agree with your wife. :)

BStrong said...


I can always count on your direct honest opinions.


Just what I was going for; looking like a has been.

Happy Holidays,

Lori said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Lori and Family

Kim Ayres said...

Happy New Year bstrong!

Julana said...

I personally like the beard, but a wife is a wife. :-)
Happy New Year!

Misty said...

I think if you shaped it up a bit by shaving part of your cheeks, it would look great. My husband has been fully bearded for years now, but he still shaves to make it look nice!:) He shaves his neck and part of his cheeks. I love his beard and am with kim when he says either women love it or hate it!

Lori said...

I agree with your wife. My husband has a mustache, but a beard? That's where I draw the line. For one thing he tried a beard once and it came out red, LOL!