Monday, December 12, 2005

Fun In The Snow

It was a mild winter night, the wind was calm, the snow was falling and the lights from the street were illuminating the snow in our backyard. It was a perfect evening to take the children out for some fun. We put on our boots, gloves hats and scarves; it was as if we were preparing for battle. There was approximately 5 inches of virgin snow in our yard that was beckoning for our presents. We carefully stepped down from our deck and into the snow; I had to hold James’ hand since he is three and the depth of the snow made it difficult for him to maneuver. Once we reached our destination the decision was made that a snowman was to be born. We went to work starting out with little snow balls, rolling them around the yard until they were the perfect size. While I was making the base my daughter Elle was making the snowman’s mid section, while James was attempting to make the head, but it was difficult for him since he was wearing mittens and not gloves like his sister and me. Mommy and Amanda were looking out from the house while we were attempting our first snowman of the season. The base and midsection were done and placed on top of each other; it was now time to help James who had been struggling do to his age, height and mobility. We all pitched in and the snowman’s head was ready. I placed the head on top of his body and reinforced it with a little snow were his head and midsection came together. All that our creation needed was a face. I asked Elle to go inside and get a carrot for his nose and some broccoli for his eyes. Mommy knew what she needed and was standing prepared by the door. His face almost didn’t make it. Elle came back down into the yard and informed me that she was hungry and asked me for permission to eat what was to be his face. I obviously said no and told her that we would go inside after we were done to have macaroni and cheese; that seemed to satisfy her. I made little holes for the eyes and nose, gathered a couple of twigs for his mouth and had the kids assemble his face. Our snow man was born and then died three seconds later. My son who had been watching football with me earlier that day decided that he was a linebacker and tackled the snowman to the ground. Nothing was left. That’s when the snowball fight broke out. We all reached into the snow to arm ourselves. I was amazed on how accurate I was, nailing the kids from 20 feet away. They didn’t stand a chance. They tried, they really did, but the force was with me that evening and their fates had already been etched in the snow. James and Elli did hit me a few times, from point blank range, but that was also the time when I thought I was a linebacker and I tackled both of them to the ground. We rolled around laughing and giggling and that’s when the snowball fight ended and the snow angle making began. After we were finished we compared our angles and decided that it was time to go inside to take a warm bath and have dinner.

The kids were tired and slept well that night.


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful winter fun story!

My oldest son (15) built a fort here in the snow of Michigan yesterday evening. He tried to convince me to let CJ, my 4 year old, to go out and assist but was unsuccessful. After reading your story, I will be sure to let him next time.

It sounds like your family will have a winter experience to talk about for years to come.

Asher Hunter said...

It sounds like you had a day to be remembered ... good for you, and good for your kids! :)

BStrong said...

Thanks Rebecca. We did have a lot of fun. Let CJ go out to play in the snow unless the height of the snow is greater than his height:)

Ash, I know how you hate the cold. Maybe you should rent a couple of kids for an afternoon and go out and build a snow fortress. You might have some fun. You live in Canada Man!

Kim Ayres said...

Snow is great fun. We get so little of it that it always feels like a great treat when we do, and even at the age of 39 I find it impossible not to rush out and build a snowman.

Most of the winter it just rains here.

BStrong said...

Kim, I really don't like the cold weather, but if there's snow on the ground I can tolerate it. Sounds like Scotland is just cold and damp and a place I wouldn't mind visiting in the summertime:)


Naomi said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. When I read stories like this I actually start to miss snowy days. Snow in England usually meant the wet soggy slushy kind that just gets your shoes wet and makes you wish for winter to be over.

BStrong said...

You can keep the slushy stuff. All slush does is ruin your shoes.

I like the snow but would rather have the warm weather.


Kim Ayres said...

Well it rains in the summer too, although it is a bit warmer however, you then have to cope with vast swarms of midges.

Without doubt, the 2nd half of May is the best time to be in Scotland. The weather is getting warmer and the midges aren't yet swarming to the same degree.

Alternatively, fly me over to Pittsburgh to give advice on your website, and I'll bring a few photos with me :)