Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Having A Little Fun

Since I started my company, two years ago, and took on President as my title it seems that I have been entered into a database of the Elite that every single investment company across the country uses. It’s funny, I don’t feel elite, my house doesn’t look elite, my cars say Toyota, my dinners are not caviar and fillet mignon, and my bank account (pausing for laughter……) certainly isn’t elite. The calls that I have been receiving are from investment companies that want me to invest in oil drilling expeditions. The first time I received this type of call I listened to what the person had to say and was quite interested with the information he gave me. After he was finished with his rant I asked him to send me some more information on this opportunity . He kindly explained to me that before anything could be sent out I would have to qualify for the investment. He had me on the first question, “Do you have long term assets of FIVE MILLION DOLLARS or more, I said no do you? He laughed and then asked me if I had current assets over TWO MILLION DOLLARS? Ah ha, I said hold on let me check my lottery ticket……( I actually had him on hold for an entire minute) NOPE. Sorry sir, you don’t qualify for this specific type of investment. Before he hung up I asked him to keep me in mind for future opportunities. I receive about 3-4 of these phone calls every month but instead of hearing them out I just tell them that I won’t qualify.

I’ve decided to keep a list complete with names and telephone numbers of all the brokers that call me with the same type of oil investment opportunity. The next time I receive a phone call asking me to invest in their expedition I will tell them that I don’t qualify, but that I have a friend that does. I will proceed to give them one of the names from the list.

How fun!


Kim Ayres said...

When I was running my web design business I somehow ended up on a list that meant that at least once a month I was phoned by someone in New York who wanted me to add them to my investment portfolio. It didn't seem to matter that I didn't invest in other companies, they were trained for the hard sell.

Eventually I figured the way to get them off the phone was to point out to them that they were on comission of some sort, and the longer they spent with me who wasn't going to say yes, the less time they had to talk to potential clients who would agree to their proposal. So the longer they kept me on the phone, the less money they would make this month. That usually made them draw to a close pretty quickly.

Asher Hunter said...

Great idea ... telemarketers for the rich!

BStrong said...

That little chat would certainly work. I remember having a straight commission sales job, it was feast or famine. Let’s just say that I was thankful that I wasn't married and had very little financial responsibility.

Rich, poor or middle of the road, telemarketers don't discriminate.


Lori said...

LOL, you have such a sense of humor. I like coming here for a chuckle now and then, thanks!


BStrong said...

I'm glad that other people find my life amusing:)The sad part is that it's all true.


PS. Have a Happy Turkey Day

Belovedlife said...

Honey, it sounds like a blast, only make sure to tell them not to give your name out as the referral source...

Jeff said...

I have to try that this week. That is halarious. You will have to let us know if you get any feedback from the referrals.

BStrong said...

If I get any feedback from the referrals I think I will be in big trouble.


Julana said...

You are a trip. :-)

Anne said...

Oh how funny!

I've had one or two of these moments in life and I guess I was laughing so hard I never was called back.