Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Computer From The Underworld

I’ve been pulling my hair out over the last couple of days trying to reinstall all my software back on to my computer. My hard drive decided that death was more bearable than enduring the everyday abuse of its master. It had been acting up over the last few weeks, freezing on me, shutting off when I was in the middle of proposals, giving me a blue screen with a bunch of numbers and letters telling me that there was an error with some doodad-hickamajig. I ignored it until my computer posted an error message that was almost human like. It said “Hard drive is malfunction, loss of data is imminent”. That message had me looking over my shoulder; I felt like the thing was threatening me. I took the darn thing to Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” and they fixed it……………yeah riiiiiiiight. $360 and a few days in the shop later I have my computer back on my desk and it crashes not once, not twice, but five times within one hour. I called the “Geeks” back up and explained the problem to them. They told me that they ran a full diagnostic and my computer was clean at the time of their tests and that I must have done something to it. YEAH I DID SOMETHING TO IT, I TURNED IT ON! They proceeded by telling me to bring it back in for another diagnostic and it might be my mother board or cooling assembly. Which ever one it is, it will cost me no less than an additional $200. So now I am contemplating on getting a new laptop.

I can’t believe it, as I was getting ready to post, the damn thing shut down on me. Luckily I use MS word to write my posts and it automatically saves my work……sometimes.

Hey look, more hair!



Lori said...

Yeah, computers are awesome except when they're tormenting you! This time of year is a great time to get deals on laptops. At least if you get a new computer, you'll have some money to spend on Rogaine to help your hair grow back.

Asher Hunter said...

Computers bite ass, all right - especially when you are reliant upon geeks to fix your problems. Too bad you've had to go through such heck!

Anonymous said...

They say a computer is outdated about every six months. Average life+2 years. I have had mine for a little more than this time (knock on wood) with no major problems. The first thing one is always told when something goes wrong is: it must of been something you did to it. Human error (LOL).

Isn't it great they can create bigger better more powerful machines in just six months? So why can't find a way to make them more reliable? I have a degree in microcomputing and they still drive me nuts!

BStrong said...

Thanks Lori. I'll keep the Rogaine in mind.

I know a little about computers, but when it comes to the guts I stay away and leave it up to the professionals to operate. I never realized how dependent I am on the damn thing until this past weekend.

My computer is a Sony Vaio and is about 2 years old. I have never had a problem with Sony laptops and honestly think that it was human error, but I won't tell Best Buy that. It's about time for a new one anyway.

Kim Ayres said...

My computer's fine, but my wi-fi modem decided to play up last night and not allow the main computer, nor my laptop to detect it. I spent too many hours not getting anywhere so eventually left it.

This morning I sit down with the original installation manual, determined to start from scratch to see how far I get before I have to call the helpline - I switch it on and it's working fine!

On the one hand I'm relieved, but on the other I have no idea what it was all about, so am left feeling a little vulnerable.

However, remember that if you are going to pull your hair out, start with the grey ones...

BStrong said...

My wireless at the office acts up every once in awhile. I usually unplug the router, wait five seconds then plug it back in. That usually does the job.

As for pulling out only the grey ones, I can't keep up with them. They seem to be multiplying at an earth shattering rate. I decided last week to start on a beard. Three days into it I noticed that the grey spread. The beard is coming off.


Kim Ayres said...

Grey hair in my beard I can cope with; it's the grey nasal hair that is most depressing.

Julana said...

My (single) sister had some trouble with bait-n-switch as Best Buy, with them claiming to be out of advertised items. Then she took my husband in her, and somehow, they were located.

BStrong said...

Time for you to get the turbo charged nose trimmer.

That doesn't surprise me. Have your sister go into a car dealership and get a price on a car, then have her take your husband. I bet the price of the vehicle comes down significantly.