Monday, October 10, 2005

My Little Guy

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts it is customary for the boys in my family to wait till the age of three to get their first haircut. Well, my son whom many have confused with a beautiful girl has turned three and had his haircut yesterday. Before we take him to the barber we throw a big party and invite all of our family and friends over to take a snip. We had over 100 participants at the house to celebrate with us. We made sure that they didn’t butcher James too badly so that the stylist had something to work with later.

Well, his beautiful blond locks are gone, replaced by a MANLY haircut. Where did my little guy go? Without his long hair it looks as if he aged 2 years; he is one handsome dude. His short hair will make my life a little easier, refer to Family Tradition

My wife cooked and baked for the party and did a fabulous job. All the men were loosening their belts while the women were telling each other “all those calories, I can’t eat any more, ok maybe just a little more”. It was quite a feast.

I was holding up pretty well as my son was turning into a little man with every snip of the scissors and then my father-in-law, James’ grandfather walked in to take a cut. The only thing that went through my mind was that I had wished that my father would have been alive to see this moment. I had to excuse myself for a bit, because macho men do not let others see them cry. My father would have been proud.

We had a haircut appointment scheduled for after the party. As we walked into the solon James started to get excited, he wanted a haircut like daddy. Nichole, whom was the stylist did an amazing job transforming my son's hair from butchery (caused by our family and friends) into a work of art. Yes, he looks like me, poor kid.

Elli our oldest daughter did a wonderful job being a big sister the entire day. It must have been difficult for her because all the attention with it’s ooooh and aaaahhs were aimed at James. I spoke with her afterwards and told her how helpful and good she was. I think she appreciated the one on one with me. Amanda, our baby (17 months) did well too. She slept for the first 40 minutes of the party and then woke up happy as can be. My in-laws helped us out by watching her since Robyn and I were busy being social.

All in all a good time was had. A chapter in our life ended that day and a new one began.

Life is grand!



Kim Ayres said...

I'm glad the day went well - sounds like such a great excuse for a gathering!

I remember when we cut Rogan's hair for the first time (he was also 3), he transformed from a toddler into a young boy in an instant. It took me longer to adjust to his new look than it did him!

BStrong said...

We are always looking for an excuse to have a party. Like you, I think it will take me some time to get use to James' new haircut.

Last night James looked in the mirror and had such a surprised look on his face. He was grinning from ear to ear.

Lori said...

Bet he looks adorable! Sounds like you all had fun, how wonderful.

kats said...

A lovely, inspiring blog.


barbara curtis said...

What a wonderful tradition! I wish we could see the before and after!

All on the way to becoming a man. Makes me wish we had made a bigger deal out of our boy's first haircuts. Thanks for sharing something other people might want to add to their family traditions.

My hubby has taken each of our sons out when they have turned thirteen for a special one-on-one camping trip to go over what it means to be a man. Since we are believers, that's an important part for us, but also about the significance of sex (which we actually start talking about at 7 - unfortunately early since we'd like to be the first our kids hear it from), what it means to marry and have a family - about responsibility and all the things Tripp's learned himself.

You're off to such a great start with your family! I'm so glad you're here to share!

BStrong said...

It is a cool tradition, but the up-keep of his hair was a little crazy.

I love camping and look forward to taking them one day. I believe that my wife will be staying home for that trip. Her idea of camping is staying at a Howard Johnson's Express Inn. I'm not sure when we will be discussing the birds and the bees in my house, but that my be a topic that I will have to hand off to Robyn.