Monday, September 26, 2005

We're Sorry but the Person Whom You are Trying to Reach is Unavailable

It’s football season folks and being from Pittsburgh that means nothing other than our Steelers exist for 4 hours on a Sunday or Monday night. That said, during the season I watch most of the games with my friends, with the exception of BIG GAMES, I like to watch big games by myself. Yesterday was a big game; it was the Steelers against the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. The Patriots have denied our beloved Steelers the pleasures of a Super Bowl appearance a couple of times over the last few years, so they are becoming a huge rival for us. We played them last year, during the regular season we beat them, but when it came to the AFC Championship game they crushed us. We lost today in a thriller. I’m hoping that things will be played out in reverse this year, Steelers lose the regular season game and win the AFC championship game (if we get there). Super Bowl here we come.

Anyway, the reason for my post is to thank my wife publicly for being an understanding wife to a football fanatic. The game yesterday started at 4:15pm, so it was close to dinner time. At 4:00pm I locked myself in our bedroom so that I would not be disturbed by my kids who were a little rambunctious that day. Not only did my wife watch our kids for those four hours and make dinner, but at about 5:30 she walked into the bedroom holding in one hand a plate of meatloaf with mashed potatoes and a vegetable medley and in the other a cold beer. I was in HEAVAN, the fact that she watched the kids, prepared a wonderful dinner and brought it to me was just over the top. She did all this after I served up the last of her ice cream to my daughter earlier in the day. One thing that I have learned in marriage is that you never mess with your wife’s ice cream.

So I just wanted to give my wife a big THANK YOU.

Yeah yeah, for all you guys out there, my wife is taken, but please feel free to print this post to show to your significant others. They soon may be as wonderful as mine. lol



Lori said...

Wow, you are really a blessed man! Don't forget to pick up some flowers on the way home tonight!

Belovedlife said...

I prefer a gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins, NOT to be dealt out to the children, But I'm glad to know it was owe me one, Just kidding.
Luv Ya B ;)

Just Shu said...

Sorry your steelers had to lose, and for Big Ben to lose his first regular season game...shame you got cheated out of :52 seconds in the fourth quarter...

Kim Ayres said...

Maggie has eventually become understanding, after many years, of my Formula 1 racing addiction, although I have had to put up with many comments along the lines of: "why do you want to watch a bunch of cars going round in circles for 2 hours?"

Last year, when Michael Schumacher won just about every single race in his Ferrari, it got even harder to find an answer to "why do you want to watch a bunch of cars going round in circles, following that red one for 2 hours?"

BStrong said...

Lori, I didn't pick up any flowers, I figured being married to me was enough.

I don't think they sell Baskin Robbins in gallon sized containers so a pint will have to do:)

You win some, you lose some unless you are the Detroit Lions then you just lose. The :52 seconds didn't make a difference. We played using the same clock.

Unlike Maggie, I still can't figure out how anyone can watch racing. I guess Formula one is better than Nascar because don't they throw in right turns? If they spiced it up a bit by adding spontaneous oil spills I'd watch. Kidding, there are people that actually watch Bowling.

Cheers to all,

Belovedlife said...

FYI, They do sell gallons of hand packed at have to ask for it :0

Naomi said...

I'm not so understanding. I make Mark Tivo the soccer matches and he has to avoid the score all day and watch when the kids are in bed.

I really don't know why you'd want to be watching girly rugby though. If you had Tivo you could start watching it about 30 minutes after it started and just fast forward through all those bits where they stand around having a rest.