Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Trip

I had some business meetings in Detroit this past Monday and Tuesday so I decided to take the family. The kids had a really good time swimming, going to the zoo and visiting with some friends and family. We drove since it’s only 4 ½ hours from Pittsburgh, which is really 5 ½ or 6 with kids not to mention the 7 ½ -8 hour trip back. The drive was nice but boring, flat and straight, nothing to look at. We hit traffic on the way there because of a tractor trailer that caught fire, no one was injured. Then on the way back we sat in traffic because of another tractor trailer fire. These things seem to be self combusting, what’s going on here.
Little Peanut decided to throw her very expensive glasses on textured cement at the zoo and basically destroyed them. She has cost us a few bucks this month. Within the last two weeks she managed to lose two contact lenses and destroy her gla$$e$. After she lost her initial contact lens in Florida, she lost the replacement pair 3 hours after we got them. We love her even though daddy won’t get his Rolex for a while.

Lets revisit the 7 ½ hour trip back. Did any of you ever have one of those moments where everything that could go wrong does and the only thing you can do is laugh? Well, that was us. We started back around 3:30pm and hit the tractor trailer traffic. We had to take a detour around 75 south which put us in Dixie and some other place where the cows out numbered the humans 5-1. Ok we got back on 75 only to pull off to the side of the road again because my son decided he needed to return his lunch to us all over the back seat. We took care of it and got back on the road only to stop ten minutes later because my daughter found a BUG and started to freak. We pulled over and let the FLY out of the van. At this point my wife and I are laughing hysterically. We got back on the road when all of a sudden we drove into 1of 2 storm systems (we hit both of them). Heavy rain, tremendous lightning shows the whole way home (a good 4 hours of this stuff). We past the first system and pulled into a rest area so that Little Peanut could nurse. The storm found us so we decided to get back on the road to out run it, but there was no chance I had to put the hazards on and drive 45 along with everyone else.

You all get the picture, the trip just continues like this the whole way home and I just don’t want to bore you.

Over all it was a successful trip for me, and a fun one for my wife and kids. Maybe next time we’ll fly.


Julana said...

Good thing you can laugh about it. If you lose your sense of humor, you're sunk.

DonutsMom said...

Well, we had fun with you guys. Hope your future trips here won't be quite as dramatic but just as much fun. Your wife and I have already started making plans. :)
Hope to see you soon.....
Go figure, it took us moving back to Detroit for our families to get together.