Friday, July 22, 2005

The Family

Until my wife allows me to post actual pictures of our family this will have to do. Notice that we all have smiles.

Have a great weekend!


Julana said...

Little Peanut is standing! Yea!

I don't like to post photos that show faces directly, either. Nothing identifiable. Too many kooks out there.

Monica said...

LOL on the picture :). Sometimes you just can't be to careful on the Internet :).

Hello :). I am mommy to a child with Down syndrome. I wanted to let you know that I'm trying to get a small webring up that will list people whose blogs are somehow related to trisomy 21/Down syndrome. If you're interesting in learning more please visit the ring home page at

I think it would be an excellent way for those who blog about trisomy 21 to navigate around eachother's sites as well as provide an opportunity for people to get real information about living with someone with trisomy 21 from day to day.

BStrong said...

Peanut doesn't stand alone yet. My make-shift drawing is deceiving. If you look look behind her you will see pillows propping her up lol.

Kim Ayres said...

I can see that Little Peanut looks just like her mommy!

Personally I'm not too worried about showing photos, in fact I feel a bit sad that people are scared by it.

You are writing a blog that other people will read, and your one in particular is about the feelings, emotions and everydayness of being a dad with a special needs child.

A photo of a proud dad with his daughter could present a far more powerful and positive image than almost any amount of words.

I'm pretty new to the world of blogging and haven't yet written anything specific about my 7 year old daughter who has DS, but thinking about what I'm writing here has confirmed my sense that if/when I do, I won't be afraid of showing a photo.


Kim Ayres said...

After I posted the last comment, I found myself thinking hard about what I'd said and so have now posted a wee write up and photo on my site ( Your thoughts or comments would be appreciated and respected.