Monday, November 17, 2008


It’s a necessary evil in the business world. When one is faced with the decision to leave a message or not, what do you do. There are those who are completely against leaving messages and those that state that a brief message is acceptable.

To leave or not to leave, that is the question. I myself take it on a case by case basis. With that said, have you ever left a message for someone and completely muffed it up? You have no choice but to continue leaving the message with the hopes that after you’re done you can press the pound key making the system go into menu mode. You would hear something like “If you are satisfied with your message, press 1; if you would like to re-record your message press 2. 22222222222 please oh please ….thank God.

I’ve been there and have been thankful. I’ve also been there when a re-record wasn’t an option. I can only imagine what the person that I left the muffed message for was thinking. Hmmm, should I call the police or wait till he calls me back to F*^k with him.

Oh, you’ve been there. Don’t deny it.


Kim Ayres said...

When I'm in full business mode, I always state my name, then my phone number, then whatever message. That way, at least if the rest is garbage, they don't have to listen to the whole message again to get my number or find out who it was from.

Unfortunately I'm not in full business mode very often these days...

Actually the greatest bit of advice I was ever given with regard to leaving messages is ALWAYS assume you will not be called back. If you are, it's a bonus. Otherwise, make a note to call them back in 4 hours/next day/next week etc

jessica said...

I'm awful at hanging up on voicemails, LOL!

BStrong said...

Kim - I agree with your technique. It's truly annoying when you have to go through the entire message to get the number.

I Still like talking to humans:)

Jessica - You must learn to vooicemail in moderation.

Anonymous said...

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