Friday, May 25, 2007


The reason that I like Site Meter is not because I like to measure the amount of visits I receive, it’s to see how people have stumbled across my blog. I pay close attention to the information under Site Meter’s referrals. I commented in a similar post back in May of 2006

The following is a list of searches that people have made using either Google or Yahoo that prompted my blog to pop up.

What will my baby with Down Syndrome look like
Down Syndrome good toys
Down Syndrome big cheeks
Donated embryo Down Syndrome probability
Raising a kid with Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome life lessons
What is it like taking Down Syndrome to school
Open adoption and Down Syndrome
Trisomy 21
How was Down Syndrome named long ago
Blog person Down Syndrome
Biography of a Down Syndrome person
Where did Down Syndrome come from
A day in the life with someone with Down Syndrome
What is everyday life with people with Down Syndrome
Struggles of Down Syndrome
Odds of Down Syndrome, Forum
Near sighted improve with age
Down Syndrome and open adoption
Down Syndrome Life Blog
Lives of people with Down Syndrome
Special thoughts about children with Down Syndrome
Big Face Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome popping eyes
I hate Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome Tiger
Odds of Down Syndrome in Triplets
Oldest living Down Syndrome Person
Down Syndrome Circle of Friends
Down Syndrome lawsuits
Letter from Holland + Down Syndrome
What should a 15 month old with Down Syndrome be doing
How many people in the world have Down Syndrome
Did you know that you were having a baby with Down Syndrome


Sara said...

That is cool, how do you track that ?
Kinda wonder who typed in I hate Down syndrome...parent, sibling or individual living with Ds ?

Michelle said...

I had the "big face down syndrome" hit on my blog too...and it showed the visit lasted quite a long time, too long for my comfort level as it made me wonder what they were doing.

Kim Ayres said...

So what's with all the Down Syndrome enquiries?

Aria said...

So I'd like to explain why I came on here with the google search of "I hate people with Down Syndrome." I am writing a paper about Down Syndrome and I am analyzing the rhetoric surrounding people with DS, and how they are portrayed by others. I was simply trying to find those who exploit the vastness and anonymity of the internet that have posted hate towards those with Down Syndrome. Unfortunately for my paper, I haven't come across anything, but fortunately for human kind that there isn't anything like that on the web.

Anonymous said...

i typed i hate down syndrome because i hate down syndrome. I have an amazing child who is 10 months old now and he has down sydnrome.. i love him to death, i love everything about him.. i just wish he didn't have ds.. sometimes, i can't but wonder how he would have been if he didn't have it.. i wish there was a miracle cure or procedure that would eliminate that stupid extra gene that he has.. anyways.. i hope i didn't offend or upset anyone.. it wasn't my intention..
an angry mom


Dear Annonymous Biggot.

I have a two year old Ds Son. I love him. And I love him unconditionaly. Yes it is a struggle, but I never resent the fact that he has DS. I wouldn't even change the fact that he has it, for that is him and I love the kid the way he is.

Anonymous said...

"Cuntfucker" (lovely name, btw)

Don't be so rude..everyone is entitled to their own feelings. I am a parent of a 9 yo with DS and was searching "triplets with DS" out of sheer to how many babies with DS have been born at once . (Spurred on by watching Grosselins.)

Anonymous said...

I live with a ds guy and not by choice his sister is his gaurdian and i have to say he bugs the crap out of me! I cannot stand this guy he thinks he can touch everything and throw whatever he wants away and he doesn't just put it in the trash he will cut it up or shred it first. he has a higher level of mental age (around 13)and thinks he should be able to do whatever he wants!! I really hate this guy! I'm just not one of those people who can deal with others having mental disabilities! I can't wait to move out its not happening soon enough!!

Anonymous said...

I hate people with down syndrome because they are a mistake, an insult to evolution and the advancement of the sophistication of life on this planet.

'sure, they're nice people. Stupid people are often nice because they're too stupid to realize how messed up the world is.

Anonymous said...

A mistake and insult to evolution? Oh, please..

Anonymous said...

I hate people who glorify DS like that complete mother f'er Kelle Hampton. The woman was an idiot for not having testing before she gave birth. She's a moron.

Anonymous said...

Kelle Hampton is an asshole living in a fantasy world. What a fake POS.

I admire the anon on here that admits she loves her son but does not like DS. That is honest and the insecure asshole who disagreed (CF-nice name you scumbag)) is lying to herself. Disabilities suck and you know it. Your kid will never have the same shot at life. I hate people who won't admit that. Living in denial.

Anonymous said...

I agree Kelle Hampton is a mother f'er. Her daughter is so severe looking too. Her ears are completely deformed and her face is soooo extreme. She pretends all is fine though. What an f'ing liar.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4/15/11, K Hampton didn't have testing? Such a complete fool. An idiot like that no doubt thought she's so perfect that nothing like a child with a disability could EVER happen to her! Guess she learned her lesson!

Anonymous said...

I had positive opinion of Down Syndrome children before I interacted with one. Basically, they're just so set up for rejection, isolation, and humiliation that they're bound to be carry lots of anger. As they get older they become more aware of their powerlessness.

The result - vacant eyed flopsy little bullies, whose physical and mental limitations don't stop them attacking younger children whenever they get a chance to get the joy of power from it.

The elementary school school age Down child I'm thinking of would actually kill a little child if left alone with him or her for long enough. His mother would completely let him get away with it, at least is father had the grace to smack him for it. I think with parent admonishing it would become manageable, but he gets more of mummies way than daddies.

I've got no interest in hovering around preventing a little ruffian attacking my child - neither does any other parent - so we get a lonely rejected Down child. I'm sure it's only a matter of time till he compensates by making up imaginary friends to have mad conversations with.

Their no different from other really young children with the violence - it's just they're bigger and older. And if their parents discipline them they're bearable to allow into the margins of society. The thing I like about them is their strangeness, the blatancy of their violent plans, the imbiacility of their joy and glee, their Simian like recognition of their own powerlessness.

Their eyes in particular - the stupid but animated vacancy - I find it very interesting.

But yeah, no one's going to leave their children around a thug. Oh, and postpubescent Down children routinely sexually assault other children which their parents know about and don't report - keep that in mind parents, and if you don't believe check the posts on medhelp.orgh