Monday, May 21, 2007

No Strings?

An old wise man once said that he was asked whether or not if he ever considered divorce. He said “divorce? Never, but maybe murder once or twice.” Max passed away many years ago. He always put a smile on our faces and for that we will forever love him.

It’s Monday.......again and hopefully it will be better than the last. There are many people that I have met through blogging who I wouldn’t mind meeting in person. Whether they are who they say they are will be decided on whether or not I do meet some of them and actually live to blog about it:) I myself could be one of those nut jobs, and by my last video have proven that that may not be as far fetched as some of you may have thought.

Out of the blue I asked Robin If I could go and visit Kim in Scotland for a few days and without batting an eyelash she said sure go ahead. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that didn’t go as I planned, something must be up. What do I do now? I was prepared for an argument? This can’t be, there is a catch somewhere, she is a woman ya’ know. Robin said, "sure I think it will be good for you to get away for a few days before I’m back in school for the next two years, and besides after you get back I will leave you with the kids and go to Florida to see my girlfriends…………………………."


I think the right thing to do is to take baby steps first. Jeff, are you ready for me?


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Better take advantage of the offer from now!! She is right once she starts school life will be crazy!

L. Noelle said...

All I have to say is: You should have known better! We're all the same!

Belovedlife said...

As the wife, I feel I need to defend myself.
I told you you could go because you needed to have a fresh start before you become that apron, wig wearing Mrs Doubfire/Mr MOM to our kids for the next two years. NOt to say you havent been doing that already, but not full, FULL time, that's coming up....But hey if you think you can do without a vacation, that's your problem.
And You know I am the one who will be going friendless, sleepless, stress filled too, so it is only fair for me to go see my friends whom I haven't seen in TWO years for a very long weekend. That way I have something to start my next two years with too.
BUT...If you don't want to go now, you can go visit Jeff now, and save Kim for after the two a big reward for yourself for having made it...kinda like YOUR graduation present. OR perhaps a trip to Western Pysch (the local psychiartic hospital) is in the cards for both of us...I think I'll take that trip to FLORIDA (Did I mention that I want to go IN AUGUST...certainly NOT going for the weather, just for my freinds, who in their right minds goes to FLORIDA in august?)
As for me, I will have to think what I want for graduation, besides a job...Hmmmm, I'll have t get back to you on that one.

Anonymous said...

I say go see Kim. :)

Jeff said...


Come on to Indiana and in 2 years I will go to Scotland with you.

But then again what if I can get us some tickets to the Brickyard 400 and we get Kim to come over here?


Kim Ayres said...

Well you know you are more than welcome anytime. And Scotland is beautiful in late spring & summer.

We'd love to see you.

We've got mountains, lochs and coastline all within easy reach, and beer with your name on it in the fridge.

If I had the money to do it I would offer to come over and help babysit the kids while Robin's with her friends.

BStrong said...

Dori: I don’t think that I can afford to pay for both a trip to Scotland and Florida. One of us will have to wait. I think it will be me.

L. Noelle: At least you’re honest.

Belovedlife: We’ll talk about it when I come home:). Thanks for commenting.

Rebecca: It sounds good but I value the one of the few things that makes me a man

Jeff: Sounds like a plan. The Brickyard is NASCAR right? Can I drive?

Kim: Oh, one day my friend. I’m sure the scenery is beautiful. James would love to be babysat by a pirate arrrrrrrrr.