Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Slow Change

With the addition of our son Alistair and the sum of our children currently holding steady at four, I am starting to notice the comfortable routines of our past are no longer applicable to our family today. The few quiet times that were once attainable with three children are now replaced with “ Daddy, I want to hold him, no I do; but daddy James got to hold him longer, Daddy, Elizabeth got to hold him longer…………..” For those of you who can remember, these are “Calgon, take me away” moments. My wife and I will soon have no choice but to pull a Forest Gump and RUN!
I suppose that really won’t happen so we’ll just have to find a new routine that works for us.

The call for change is upon my family. I noticed this not only when my bank statement came earlier this month, but also when I opened the medicine cabinet in the bathroom this morning. Although Alistair doesn’t brush his teeth just yet, it seems that we outgrew our toothbrush holder; now we have two of them. “Daddy, I want my toothbrush in the new one……AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaargh!

Quick Question: Am I the only one that gets frustrated when the kids’ toothbrushes don’t fit into the standard tooth brush holders. Damn you Hello Kitty, Damn you Lightning McQueen, Damn you Disney Princess, Damn you all to hell!

Ah, much better.

Since Amanda isn’t walking just yet (She’s coming along nicely and should reach that milestone shortly) I have found myself holding both her and Alistair at the same time which isn’t so bad unless they’re both crying; stereo sound, which in this particular situation is better than THX Surround sound 5.1 and/or 7.1. Robin has also figured out that grocery shopping now is best done in the evening when the kids are sleeping or I’m home than in the morning or afternoon when she has Alistair and Amanda.

Question #2: Do you think that if I invented a box that was colorful with cool designs and shapes and called it a “Kiddy Closet”, it would be socially acceptable to lock the kids in it for a couple of hours a day?

Moving right along…Oh wait, one more question:

Is it common for parents to consider alcoholism so that they can vacation at the Betty Ford Clinic? Just asking. My apologies to any recovering alcoholics out there who I just offended. You have to accept my apology, isn’t it one of the steps?

On a more serious note, things are bit hectic, but not out of control. My wife and I are searching for our new routines which are slowly being found. Kids in general are a lot of work whether you have 1 or 12. When people ask me how things are going now that I have 4, I’m just honest with them. I let them know how crazy things are and tell them some silly story about the day and then shrug it all off and say “Par for the course”.


Sara said...

I so enjoy reading your blog. YOu bring a smile to my face! LOL the child box reminded me of my friend who is a dog groomer, she tells people that she puts the kids in the kennel when she works ( in her garadge) I told her one of these days someone is gonna think you are serious and report you :p
Thanks for my Morning smile :)

The Imperfect Christian said...

No matter how busy things get, at least you realize what a blessing each of your kids are and MAINTAIN your humor!

Kim Ayres said...

Having started at 3, gone up to 4, then 5 kids, then back to 4, then 3, then 4 again, then 3, 2, 3 and finally resting at 2 (as the older ones left home, came back, then left again), I have to say that only having 2 is by far and away the easiest amount to handle. I've never only had 1, so I can't comment on that.

However, once you get above 3, it doesn't seem to get any harder. The problems change a bit, but are compensated by the fact that the older ones can now start lending a hand with the younger ones.

As for your box idea, you start building and I'll create and manage the website for a 25% share in the business.

L. Noelle said...

I love your blog, great sense of humor! I hope to reach 4 kids some day, I'm currently at 2. My second, Jaden just turned 2 and has DS also! I love reading other parents viewpoints. Stop by my blog if you can. I put a link to yours on mine, if you don't mind. Congratulations on your newest addition!

Tracey said...

Oh, you are a funny guy! And I think the kiddy closet is a grand idea. Even better, how about a mommy/daddy closet? The kids can pound on the door all they want but the sound proofed room will be silent!

Jessica said...

How you keep up with your humor, I have no clue, but you just gave me one heck of a good laugh!

Michelle said...

I feel your frustration about the toothbrushes and not fitting in the holders...most a lot of adult ones don't fit anymore either.

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

When you are done with the Kiddie Closet let me know...sometimes I need it.

You gave me a good laugh today!!


Anonymous said...

You have a great sense of humor, can you rub a little of it off on me? I could really use it. :)

amy flege said...

you do such a great job of keeping the humor of your hecic life! i have decided that the busier the household, the better!! never a dull moment! right? i have thought about running to the bar down the street once or twice though!
oh and i yes, i give up on those damn toothbrushes.......

BStrong said...
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BStrong said...

Sara - If someone reports me and the agency shows up at my door, they will probably look around and apologize for disturbing me. They would also proceed to offer a hand in getting the kids into the Kiddy Closet.

TIC – If you look hard enough, you can find humor in just about everything.

Kim (grandpa) – You lost me at “Having started at 3”. You are right though, Elizabeth helps out tremendously with the other three. Sometimes I have to remember that she’s only 6 and that she’s still a kid who needs to be a kid.

L. Noelle – Welcome. I returned the favor. I hope to see you back soon.
PS. Great jewelry. We might have to do business.

Tracey – I like the mommy and daddy closet. It actually reminds me of a game that I played as a young kid called “Truth or Dare”. Oh, those were the days. Thanks for visiting. Come back soon.

Jessica - Hey, I’m glad that my life is one big joke to ya. I have no choice but to see the humor. If I don’t I would probably end up as a statistic.

Michelle – I sense a money making opportunity for you coming on. Damn those things.

Dori – My pleasure. If you don’t have a Kiddy Closet a standard one will work just don’t tell anyone.

Rebecca – Rub a dub dub. I hope that works. When you are in a situation at home that usually makes you frustrated and ready to pull your hair out, stop for 5 seconds and just start to laugh. Trust me it makes a world of difference.

Amy – I’m stripped clean of everything else; humor is all I have. Busy is good, but ever now and then I welcome dull. Damn toothbrushes.

Kim Ayres said...

BStrong - Maggie had 3 kids when I first met her, aged 4, 7 & 9, and are now aged 20, 23 & 25. We subsequently had 2 of our own, now aged 8 & 11.

There was one point where we were having to cope with diapers, teenage agnst and univeristy drop-out all at the same time