Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gearing Up

No kid just yet. Everyone is on high alert though. My mother-in-law is the babysitter for when we go into the hospital so she is staying close to home and carrying a cell phone everywhere she goes. We’re pretty excited, however it appears that my mother-in-law takes the cake, she wants us to have twins. If it happens it happens, but I already told her that she’s taking one.

Robin is feeling big, she can’t get comfortable, she’s wobbling instead of walking and it’s hard for her to get up from any position. All that and she’s still beautiful. My posts may become less frequent until the baby arrives so I apologize in advance for not visiting your blogs and commenting.

I will let you all know when he/she arrives.

Cheers to all


Anonymous said...

We will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the newest little peanut.

That wife of yours is pretty impressive, no scratch that, fabulously impressive.

Wife, mother, student, little one in the making, and she was accepted in the Grad program.

I stand in awe.

What a lucky guy you are. :)

Jessica said...

I was wondering if the little bundle of joy had arrived yet. We'll all be waiting for the news!

DeRogatis/Frilingos Household said...

Best wishes for a safe arrival. How exciting to have a newborn in the family (again).

amy flege said...

i was just checking to see if there was any baby news... cant wait to hear!! good luck and keep us posted!

Princess Morgan said...

Many blessings to you with the arrival of the little one. Can't wait to hear the news.

Kim Ayres said...

How long is it now? Robin must have been pregnant for about 18 months now, surely...

Michelle said...

also anxiously awaiting the good news!

BStrong said...

Rebecca – She must have a pretty incredible husband that makes sure she has the time to do that stuff. What a luck lady she is.

Jessica - Yep still around looking at our watches.

DFH – Thanks for the wishes.

Amy Flege – No news yet. We’re all just anxiously waiting.

Princess Morgan – Blessings are always welcomed here. Thanks.

Kim – I thought it was more like 36 months. It’s at that point where she feels like she’s been pregnant for 18 months.

Michelle – Hey, I like the new pic of you and the fam. I will keep you and everyone posted.

Mauzy said...

wow, no ultrasounds to know if you have twins or not?? Really???

Waiting for the big announcement!

Kim Ayres said...

C'mon Bstrong - I expect daily reports of the non arrival