Friday, November 10, 2006


Well it’s been quite a ride so far as my blog nears 10,000 visitors. I’m still amazed that there are people out there that find my blog the least bit interesting. Many of you are probably mental health professionals who use my blog as an example to scare your patients or students straight. “Jim, if you want to continue your journey down that dreary road that you have become so familiar with, and give up on your dream of becoming a respected and productive member of society continue reading and commenting on Down Sydrome Life. “

My blog has gone through many changes, from posting only about DS issues to posting about life in general, to not posting anything at all for a time. I’m still not certain as to what “Downsyndromelife” is supposed to be or what it’s supposed to accomplish. Maybe it’s just an outlet that allows me to cope with all the insanity in my life. One thing that I can truly state is that my blog has proven to be medicinal for me.

To all those who have decided to make my blog a small part of your daily activity, thank you.


I suppose that I should stay the course like other bloggers who have written profound posts as they get closer to the “magical” 10,000 mark. So here it goes.

There are many things that one learns while going through their early years of life.

1. Listen to your mom and dad because if you don’t your bum will start to sting.
2. Don’t listen to your friends when they tell you to lick the end of a 9 volt battery because it tastes like chocolate.
3. Fire extinguishers are not to be used to make fog FX in a class room.
4. Do not perform the Heimlich Maneuver on someone if you DON'T KNOW HOW TO PREFORM THE HEIMLICH MENUEVER ON SOMEONE.
5. Don’t ever snort Sweet & Low up your nose.
6. Don’t climb an apple tree that fell over from a deep freeze until all the frost is gone.
7. Be nice to that kid that sat in the corner in your 3rd grade class eating and playing with his boogers. He might be worth millions one day.
8. When playing baseball, don’t use your face to stop a line drive.
9. Be wary of African American singers who have high pitched voices, dance with zombies, and grab their crotch a lot.
10. If you grow up with sisters, hiding and scaring them at every possible moment can be hazardous to your health.
11. It’s ok to sneak a peak at your sisters’ girlfriends while they are changing into their night attire during a sleepover. Just don’t get caught. Disclaimer: This only applies if your 7-13 years old. If you’re peeping when you’re an adult you better find yourself a good attorney.
12. You’re not as sexy as you think.
13. If you lie, you will get caught.
14. If you get caught, don’t lie.
15. Smoking cigarettes are really bad for you. Eating a cigarette on a dare is worse.
16. Stay away from tainted meat. Getting multiple enemas daily is uncomfortable.
17. Playing with matches is bad, especially if you throw a lit one into the kitchen garbage.
18. When your dad gets pulled over by the police, and you’re in the back seat, don’t tell the officer to “stick a can of beer in his ear” or mouth off by saying “Up your nose with a rubber hose”. Dad may be a little upset. (Ah yes, the “Welcome back Carter” days)
19. Remember: “liquor before beer, in the clear; Beer before liquor, more the sicker”
20. If you have a dog and keep it in your back yard, don’t play tag with your friends until you clean up the poop. You might slip and get a face full of it.

This is not a complete list, but probably a good start. I will keep you all posted on life’s lessons as I learn them.

Cheers to all


My good blogging buddy Kim just made me aware of another life lesson. Go check out the post "Remember Remember the 5th of November".


Kim Ayres said...

3,000 of those visits were probably me, 4,000 were you, 1,000 were your wife and 1,000 were people who accidentally strayed in and turned around again. That leaves a few hundred for everyone else, so I wouldn't get too smug just yet ;)

BStrong said...

Kim - Thanks Mr. 16,541. You really know how to beat a guy down. I'm going to run off somewhere and hide:(

Anonymous said...

I was at least a few hundred of those visits, not quite the stalker as Kim though. What a list you have there--I think I will share it with my oldest boy, he will have a good laugh.

I hope your able to keep up the posting, we miss you when your gone.

amy flege said...

Love the list. gave me quite the chuckle!!
hey you are way ahead of me on the number of hits you have! I enjoy reading about your down syndrome life!! thanks!

Michelle said...

what a great list you have compiled! Is #5 from experience? :)

BStrong said...

Rebecca – Yeah, I really need to watch out for Kim. The list wasn’t that difficult to make up, all I had to do is think back to my childhood.

Amy Flege – Thanks for the blogging support. I suppose that every so often my blog can produce some laughs.

Michelle – It’s all from experience. Refer to what I wrote to Rebecca. I really wasn’t that bright back then. It was all those stupid stunts and failures that made me a bit closer to average intelligence.

Kim Ayres said...

I'm pretty confident that at least 14,000 of mine are me. Possibly 500 are you, 45 are Rebecca and the rest are random figments of my imagination

Anonymous said...

Ahh thanks for putting a smile on my face :) I do enjoy reading your blog. DO you mind if I add you to mine ?


BStrong said...

Sara - Sure, you can post my blog anywhere. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Thanks :) If you want to check mine out it is at


Princess Morgan said...

Ok, you had me laughing my butt off. Thanks. I needed that. Memories of a 70's kid.Love to read your blog!-Robin

BStrong said...

Princess Morgan - The 70's was the decade of bad music and bad fashion. The BeeGee's, need I say more.