Monday, August 21, 2006

Mistake Made

It became clear only one day if not sooner into my week long experience with the family that I mentioned to all of you that we were going on vacation. I was wrong, this was a trip. I’m not sure if it is possible to have a vacation with a six, four and two year old.

The true definition of VACATION is: freedom from any activity; rest; a period of rest and freedom from work, study…

Those of you whom have young children at home are probably laughing by now because we parents do not have freedom when we go somewhere with our kids. We certainly have plenty of activity and what the hell is rest, it sounds like a four letter word to me and god forbid we should say or do it. Work, do we ever stop? And studying; I’m constantly studying each of my kids to see what they will get into next. I figure that if I’m able to stay one step ahead, VACATION can be had.

My kids are not evil, but there are moments that make me wonder. We adults are not completely innocent either. While we are on our week long experience we keep the kids up later so that we can go to the beach at sunset to fly the kite and watch the waves come in. We feed the kids candy at all hours of the day. Basically, any routine that was once present is thrown out the window for the week. So, we are to blame as well.

I will post some pictures of our trip hopefully this week so that you can see us crazy people trying to have a good time.

All in all it was a good time and much fun was had, and maybe, maybe a little rest, maybe.


Kim Ayres said...

They say "a change is as good as a rest" and it looks like that's the best you can hope for, for the next 20 years or so...

Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds like you are very glad the vacation is is the wife these days?

Michelle said...

I only have one 3 yr old to travel with and I feel like that every time we travel! It definitely doesn't feel like a vacation when you have a toddler to keep entertained!

BStrong said...

I suppose. We did have fun, but having having required tremendous energy.

I actually think I need another week. Robins doing well. Her belly is getting bigger by the day:)

Yup. Sorry that's all I have to say. Your Right.