Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Holiday Sales & Gadgets

Everyone loves sales and the holidays are just around the corner which means that retailers are going to start stuffing your mailboxes and newspapers with coupons that say 10% of this, 20% of that, Buy one Get one FREE, Monster Sale – Open till Midnight, One Day Blowout, Free gift with purchase……. It’s crazy, it seams that these holiday sales start earlier every year. For me these big sales are just a reminder of how Mr. Retailer screws us during the rest of the year. I can’t believe a sweater that cost $40 yesterday only costs $15 today with coupon. I’m all for capitalism and understand that supply and demand drive cost but I’m also for holding on to some of my money and paying reasonable prices for my material wants and needs. The sales people are so courteous during this time of year too. Isn’t it nice that when you’re ready to pay for your items at the register they give you a coupon if you don’t have one so that you can save an additional 10%-15%? Wow, I saved an additional 10%-15%, that means I could buy more STUFF.

Oh yes, and aren’t those sales people that walk around the cosmetic department annoying with there little spray bottles of perfume ready to strike if you look in their direction.

Here’s a suggestion, before going to the department store pack a bottle of your own perfume in a cute little spray bottle and when they come up to you and ask if you would like to try their new fragrance say yes on the conditions that you get to spray them with yours first. What are the chances that they’ll say yes? If you don’t want to go through all the prep work just tell them that you are completely offended that they are suggesting that you smell awful.

Let’s not forget about the tables filled with the most, shall we say INTERESTING stocking stuffers that they have strategically placed throughout the store. Hey it’s a miniature chess board that doubles as a whisky flask. Oh, just what I always wanted a 22 piece grooming kit. If I ever received a grooming kit as a gift I would take it as a tremendous insult and attack on my personal hygiene. Also, when did electric nose hair trimmers become so popular? Anything that runs off of electricity and has spinning blades should not be shoved up the nose. The talking remote meat thermometer; however did they know when steak was done in the “olden days”. Cup warmers, scrolling LED belt buckles, motorized coin vault, the all in one radio/flashlight/cd player/alarm clock, and my personal favorite, the cake knife that sings happy birthday.

I have added a button on my sidebar (Holiday Sales) that will take you to the Black Friday website; as seen on CNN. This site will bring you up to speed on all the sales starting on "Black Friday". Good luck and happy shopping.

Aren’t you glad the Holidays are here?


Belovedlife said...

LOL, guess what you're getting for the holidays...

barbara curtis said...

Well let's just say you have done a great service to Humanity by linking us to this site!

Too funny that some people are so serious!

Hey, and you have risen a few notches as husband-of-the-year by your support for your wife's further education. Although my hubby's gonna give you some strong competition :)

Asher Hunter said...

Most people have allowed advertisers to replace indivuality. Why worry about what Uncle Steve wants? Why bother thinking about his personality, planning some ideas, and coming up with a unique gift idea, when WalMart says that everybody wants the first season of "Everbody Loves Raymond" on DVD for Christmas.

The gifts I have cherished most in life are the ones that people have made for me.

BStrong said...

Best Buy has a computer for $149.99, it's such a great deal that I'll have to buy three.

I can't compete with your husband. I'll just lie down now.

LOL. WalMart's going to start their own religion and update the bible. I think the part about "Everyone Loves Raymond" can be found on page 25, chapter 3, line 6, verse 2.

It's quite pathetic how these retailers figured us out.


Kim Ayres said...

As you happen to be someone who sells advertising space for a living, I wonder if you noticed the irony of your rant against advertisers... ;)

Mauzy said...

Note to Santa, please send a nose clipper to Big Dawg.

and yes, I will continue to shop via internet.

BStrong said...

I did realize:). The media company that I run sells advertising that is clean, wholesome and educational. Basically, my media combats negative media, but thanks for noticing.

Poor Jeff, tell him I'm sorry. The internet is certainly the way to go if your not one of those people that need to touch the item before you buy. My online purchases have tripled over the past year.


PS. Best Buy has a 42” Plasma Screen TV for $1,000:)

PSS. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I was out of town for a few days.