Thursday, October 20, 2005

Kids are Strange

The other day in our living room Elle, James, and Amanda decided to have a screaming contest, James won. It was so funny to watch. I think it started when my oldest, Elle screamed for no apparent reason, kids do that you know and usually without warning so the cup of hot coffee you WERE holding is now spread evenly on your new pants that were bought last week and worn for the very first time. Anyway, Elle and James were going at it then Amanda joined in. Amanda is now 18 months and has really developed quite a personality. She’s actually turning into a little person. Elle finally gave up, I think the little vein on the side of her temple told her to stop or else. So then it was James and Amanda, what a hoot. Amanda was grinning from ear to ear just taking in the communication she was having with her brother, if you could call that communication. The kids get along so well and it is always a joy to see them having fun with each other.

I decided to settle everyone down by playing a game of starfish. For those of you who have no clue what this is, you will thank me and may even send me money*. It is a game where you tell your kids to lay on the floor and act like a starfish. Now for all you non-marine biologists out there, starfish barely move and don’t make any noise (well as far as the human ear is concerned), they just lay there looking pretty. If one of your kids should move, you start over again. Works like a charm.

Try it!

Credit Cards and Personal Checks Accepted. Paypal preferred. LOL


Julana said...

Very funny. :-)

Kim Ayres said...

I've never got these kind of games to work more than once :(

BStrong said...

Thanks. My ears are still ringing, but it was worth it.

I didn't think this game would have a life beyond one try, but it still seems to work.

Stella said...

Oh what a great story, reminiscent of Huck Finn et al

Had me going too!

Stella said...

oops, too much beer consumed! That comment should have been left on the "Growing up in a small town" post!!!

Sleeping Lions is a game we play.

Jane said...

Reminds me of 52 "uncle" used to play that with us. I am enjoying your blog

BStrong said...

Stella - Drunks are welcome at my blog. Sleeping lions sounds similar.

Jane - You need to put forth some effort with 52 pick-up. Starfish, you just sit back and listen to complete silence as the kids lie back and don't move. Thanks for reading.


Stella said...

hic, who you calling a drunk, hic hic, just cos I'm irish......

Anonymous said...

LOL on the starfish game! I'll definately give it a try!