Monday, August 29, 2005

Welcome Home Soldier

My travels took me to Philadelphia last week where I had the honor of experiencing an event as a spectator that had me awestruck. Emotions run strong in our country when the War in Iraq is discussed. Should we be there, shouldn't we be there, send more troops and get it done, bring our sons, fathers, brothers, daughters, mothers and sisters home NOW! These are the questions and statements that we are confronted with as Americans. Whether you are for the war or against it, we should support our troops no matter what.

On my way home, I arrived at the Philadelphia International Airport a couple of hours early. So I walked around for a little while. I happened upon a gate where a mother and her three children were awaiting their husband/father to arrive home from Iraq. The children who were maybe 3, 5, and 8 were holding large signs with balloons attached to them, which read "Welcome Home Daddy, We Miss You". His wife was holding a large sign that had a picture of her husband exiting a military helicopter. This display of heart warming anticipation had started to attract all who were walking pass the gate. As the plane pulled in, the kids started to get excited and their mother was having a hard time trying to contain her emotions. After a few minutes had passed the passengers started to trickle in to the airport, then it happened. All you could hear were the kids yelling DADDY! Then running into the tunnel where after 10 seconds daddy came walking out holding two of his children while the third had a tight grip on his left leg. His wife ran to him, their embrace was long overdue, it was a beautiful sight. A few seconds later the nearby gates erupted in claps and roars welcoming our soldier home. It was a site to be seen.

I was overwhelmed with emotion as was everyone, I mean everyone. That's when I knew, whether you are for the war or against it, we all share a common thread, Humanity.


Belovedlife said...

Wow honey, what a great post. When you first told me about this I had tears in my eyes, but now reading is so beautiful. Luv YA

Julana said...

I can't imagine what some of these families are going through.

Stella said...

Aaaw, you should have a kleenex warning on this.

Kim Ayres said...

Hey - you've put your photo up - excellent! Now I can see who I'm posting to. So much for the blonde surfer dude image I had in my head!

Probably not the most appropriate place to put this comment, but it's your most recent since the new pic.

BStrong said...


Sorry, I didn't realize it was going to need a Kleenex warning until after I posted and my wife called me up in tears.