Thursday, July 14, 2005

Weekend O' Fun......Maybe

Therapy Evaluation on the Deck for Little Peanut
Being the nice guy that I am, I noticed that my wife needed a little break. She has a good friend in Florida whom she speaks with all the time. We were there this past January and had a great time so I told her to go visit her this weekend. I did some quick math comparing my phone bill to the cost of an airline ticket and guess what, it's a wash. I might even come out ahead this month. Hey don't laugh, I have the phone bill to prove it (ok, maybe I embellished a little). Any way, my wife is leaving today and will be back home on
Monday. My other two kids will be staying home with me. I decided that we are going to make this a daddy and me weekend. We'll go to the amusement park, science center, playground and any other exhausting activity that I can think of. It should be fun.

My wife certainly deserves a break. With all the routine therapies with Little Peanut and doctor visits, she needs a change of scenery. Oh, by the way, we went to another BBQ last night, this time at my sisters house. My family is enemy #1 when it comes to the cow family.

I will let you all know the outcome of our weekend. Hopefully I will be able to control the little terrors (they're great kids).


Julana said...

You are an A-1, all-star dad!

Donna said...

...and an all-star husband :O) I hope you and the kids have a great time this weekend!
By the way, I thought about you yesterday while watching the show Birth Day on Discovery Health. The woman featured (she was 38, I think) gave birth to a DS baby. It was interesting to watch the emotions they went through as they were told the news to when they were ready to take their baby home.
Reading your blog has heightened my desire to learn about and understand people who have DS or have children that do. So glad you're blogging!

Donna @